To this end they have launched a free course in Spanish, which will begin on June 12 and teaches programming devices IoT, understand how to read all the information gathered by the sensors interact with actuators and send information through the protocol XBee wireless communication.

Libelium It has renewed the agreement he had with the unit and it has launched a new free course in Spanish, beginning on June 12, to enter the project development of Internet of Things (IoT).

El sector de IoT es un mercado emergente que está demandando perfiles de ingenieros con formación específica para trabajar como Technology Architecture Manager, Systems Engineer, Cloud Platform Software Engineer o Software and Hardware Developer. El 26% de las empresas europeas encuentran dificultades a la hora de encontrar a los profesionales adecuados. De hecho, la brecha existente entre los perfiles que las empresas demandan y los conocimientos de los candidatos es una de las grandes amenazas para el crecimiento del mercado de IoT.

Libelium y la Uned tienen como objetivo impulsar la empleabilidad de los jóvenes ingenieros en España. El programa educativo está dividido en seis módulos diferentes con contenidos prácticos: introducción a Waspmote e IoT, entrada/salida analógica y digital, sensores, comunicación por XBee 802.15.4, envío de datos sensoriales e introducción a los modos de sueño.

The course allows students to program devices for the Internet of Things, understand how to read all the information gathered by the sensors (eg temperature, humidity or pressure), learn how to interact with actuators and send the information via wireless communication protocol XBee. The course is based on Waspmote, horizontal sensor platform and open source.

The program will begin June 12 and end on September 3. Registration can be done through the web Uned.

In order that the student can put into practice the skills taught in the modules, Libelium has developed a special kit including PCB antenna :: Waspmote 802.15.4, 802.15.4 Gateway Waspmote PCB antenna, USB mini cable. Battery 2300 mAh LiPo and a temperature sensor

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By • 19 May, 2017
• Section: Training, Infrastructure

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