With the app V-Real Vent, developed by S & P Ventilation systems, and a pair of virtual reality is possible to experience firsthand how it works or operate the ventilation system Jetfans proceed to the removal of pollution and evacuate the smoke fire emergency.

S & P Ventilation Systems ha desarrollado una aplicación de realidad virtual que permite ver, de forma inmersiva, el sistema de ventilación de un parking. Con la app V-Real Vent y unas gafas de realidad virtual, los ingenieros especializados puedan experimentar en primera persona cómo funciona o funcionará su sistema de ventilación con Jetfans, proceder a la extracción de la polución y evacuar el humo en caso de emergencia por incendio.

"In the era of digitization technology it is available to the needs of each group. Thanks to a strong investment in innovation we have created an application with virtual reality glasses, lets see how they work and Jetfans. The ability to visualize brings credibility to the product and makes it a unique immersive experience ", explains S & P Ventilation Systems.

S & P Ventilation Systems is a company with more than half a century of history that focuses on your day to day innovation and progress. Its activity focuses on axial fans centrifugal impulse Jetfans, which guarantee the effectiveness ductless.

In case of fire emergency, smoke extraction is crucial because inhalation is the primary cause suffocation and death of the victims. The V-Real Vent app, available for iOS and Android, offers the chance to see how virtual reality system would work Jetfan a concrete parking during a fire.

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By • 23 May, 2017
• Section: Augmented reality, Simulation

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