Storefronts and virtual testers, augmented reality, store locators, chatbots or apps aftermarket are transforming the retail sector and the shopping experience, as analyzed in its report this Spanish consultant, posing a new role of physical stores and integration with digital channels.

ViaDirect and Kolo mall MundoE

The 'Transversal and multicanalidad in and eCommerce retailers' report multipliesSpecialized digital marketing through improving the user experience, conversion and web analytics, emphasizes that we are at the time of Omnichannel client that accesses the store through various channels and offers best practices in this regard.

According to data from Digital and Physical Integration: Luxury Retail's Holy Grall, ContactLab, consumers who buy online spend 50% more than those who only acquire products on the physical establishment. Therefore, physical stores of all kinds of brands and products are looking for ways to become more technological and integrate their digital channels in order to create more interactive experiences.

Samsung retail futureEn este sentido, desde las tiendas se da información de valor al consumidor, que hace que conecte más con la marca. Ejemplo de ello los establecimientos Hurley de California, en los que se ofrece información puntual sobre las condiciones para surfear. Otras marcas, como Timberland, permiten interactuar con el escaparate a través de realidad virtual, o con probadores inteligentes en los que poder hacer el pago sin pasar por caja.

Similarly, physical stores energize the digital channel, inviting the customer to use the app or receiving product recommendations through the application. On the other hand, they are called 'cookies offline', which collect information in the store with the accuracy of online data.

Elo and Equipmag Paris Retail WeekAccording to the report, it is the ideal multi-channel strategy that offers users the ability to choose from which channel you want to interact with the brand at every touchpoint.

Thus, there are establishments that facilitate finding the product, suggest the nearest customer 'on-the-go' or store offer the option of ordering from the phone and pick it up in store or at other points nearby.

Another initiative is to reduce delivery times, as in the case of Farfetch, which has a delivery service product in ninety minutes. It also facilitates the choice of product through experiences like that Wayfair offers a virtual reality app that allows customers to see how would a product of your catalog.

Apps provide economic incentives for using coupons or discounts via SMS, it is another of the marks for multi-channel digital users. For example, Zumiez store promoted from downloading the app with the promise of deep discounts from it.

Finally, new sales channels are created and pushed them through promotions. In the case of Amazon, which has created a new channel voice orders and spreads to claim discounts.

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By • 25 May, 2017
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