Interactive whiteboard developed with Ricoh or the mirror that has performed together with Panasonic, as well as applications based on artificial intelligence for the fashion industry, health and automotive are some of the solutions that can be seen in its stand.

IBM OF 2017

IBM It has come to the second edition of Digital Enterprise Show (OF) Congress that brings together more than 18,000 professionals worldwide in 40 different industries and until today 25 May puts Madrid as one of the world capitals of technological innovation, to show attendees the latest development that has made around its technology called 'cognitive cloud'.

His stand of over a hundred square meters hosts various practical demonstrations oriented to digital transformation: cognitive cloud, cybersecurity, commerce, analytics, technologies for mobile enterprise, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain or so-called machine learning.

IBM OF 2017

Cognitive IBM Cloud is a platform specially designed for the enterprise market and designed industrial orientation to meet the specific needs of different industrial and professional sectors, from banking, insurance, consumer electronics, automotive, tourism, public sector , health, telecommunications, logistics, energy and entertainment.

This platform is equipped with predictive capabilities and artificial intelligence. Cognitive intelligence is the base of the cloud platform IBM, reaching its founding nucleus. This allows IBM Cloud understand natural language, analyze unstructured data in real time and learn.

In this conference, IBM is conducting various demonstrations around this cognitive technology among which an interactive whiteboard, smart mirror, TJBot robot and solutions around health and fashion.

Watson: slate and cognitive mirror

Cognitive interactive whiteboard, as published Digital AV MagazineIt has been jointly designed by IBM and Ricoh and incorporates the capabilities and voice recognition capabilities of IBM Watson to revolutionize collaboration among professionals.

This board is able to play an active role during the meetings, listening to the conversations and analyzing data to propose solutions. Also responds to voice commands, you can take notes, translate the person who speaks several languages ​​and play or transcribe on screen, record attendance and monitoring of issues to ensure that all of them have been discussed.

Watson not only listen, but an active participant in the meetings, which uses real-time analytics to help steer the talks, so that teams can make decisions quickly, better and more informed manner.

Meanwhile, cognitive mirror has been developed in conjunction with Panasonic and also incorporates Watson cognitive cloud technology to maintain a dialogue spoken with the guests of a hotel, museum or airport.

Called digital concierge, this solution offers information about the hotel, its services, weather, entertainment and shopping and other services related to their stay in the city where the client is issues. This ideal solution for use in applications in the tourism sector and is able to learn and really know the individual with which it interacts to provide highly personalized experiences and recommendations.

Health, fashion and automotive

La solución de moda cognitiva con reconocimiento visual que se está presentando en DES 2017 incorpora conocimientos sobre tendencias de moda y es capaz de interactuar con el usuario a través del lenguaje natural o el reconocimiento visual para encontrar o recomendarle productos. Por ejemplo, un cliente que busca una prenda determinada puede subir una imagen al sistema para que éste encuentre una prenda similar.

La solución cognitiva, que se muestra ene el congreso, está diseñada para mejorar el cuidado de los pacientes que se encuentren en cama y tengan una movilidad reducida. Monitoriza a los pacientes, permitiendo incluso enviar alertas a un smartwatch, para avisar a los médicos cuando es necesario algún cambio postural para prevenir heridas.

En el stand de IBM también pueden verse una aplicación para el coche conectado que integra un sistema capaz de detectar accidentes y avisar a los servicios de emergencia. El sistema incorpora el Retrofit eCall Plug de Bosch, un dispositivo inteligente que se conecta a la toma de 12v del coche. A través de distintos sensores y algoritmos inteligentes, el vehículo es capaz de detectar colisiones o desaceleraciones bruscas y enviar el aviso a un smartphone vía bluetooh.

Asimismo, también puede verse a TJBot, un robot que se puede imprimir y programar en casa y que está diseñado para acceder a los servicios de Watson de una forma divertida. Se trata de un proyecto de código abierto que muestra cómo se puede integrar la inteligencia artificial en cualquier objeto o dispositivo de nuestra vida cotidiana. Este es un proyecto de IBM Research para diseñar productos cognitivos, con las capacidades cloud de IBM, con los que el ser humano puede interactuar de una forma más natural, a través de comandos de voz

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