This solution, which incorporates in a single connector optical fiber channels 24 ensures a robust, flexible and easy to integrate with existing systems deployment, especially designed for the audiovisual industry and mobile broadcast applications.

Neutrik OpticalCon

With the standardization of UHD formats such as 4K and 8K and the increasing integration of audio systems, lighting, video and control, demand for fiber channel is growing exponentially. Neutrik, brand distributed by Neotecnica, Responds to this need with its latest product line connection of the opticalCON. The MTP-24 incorporates a single connector 24 and fiber optic channels integrated with the other systems of the series connection of: Duo, Quad and MTP12.

Neutrik OpticalConThis solution provides a robust, flexible and easy to integrate with existing systems deployment, specially designed for mobile applications broadcast and audiovisual industry.

The system is based on the sleeve (ferrule) standardized MTP, completely protected by the encapsulated opticalCON Advaced and Lite, which provide robustness and anti dust thanks to the automatic caps. The connector and chassis are never exposed to air. Connectors and cables are customizable by color codes.

It is available with Standard and X-Treme cables, with double jacket and aramid fibers intermediate to withstand the conditions of work more complicated. Thanks to the small outer diameter and robust design is an ideal solution for long cable runs and point to point links.

Al igual que toda la serie OpticalCON, los chasis son interoperables con los conectores Advanced y Lite, y fácilmente integrables con otros sistemas sin necesidad de fusionado, gracias al sistema de pacheo mediante un cable de breakout cualquier conector estándar (LC, SC, ST…). Gracias a su tapa, requiere un mantenimiento mínimo y permite un elevado número de ciclos de conexionado. Todo el sistema es resistente al agua y polvo según el estándar IP65.

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By • 25 May, 2017
• Section: Distribution signals, Infrastructure

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