It will take advantage attending this event to publicize the benefits of its new content management system CMS-SE, an ideal design for digital signage networks cloud-based alternative services or IoT.

Cayin Computex Taipei 2017

The developer of digital signage solutions, Cayin TechnologyWill participate this year in Computex Taipei 2017, to be held from May 30 to June 3 in the Nangang center, with an experience that will transform your restaurant stand in a truck.

Cayin SMP-2100Las pantallas que ofrecerán el dinamismo a este camión de alimentos contarán el media player SMP-2100 para proporcionar los contenidos. La combinación de los sistemas E-menus con los sistemas de gestión de colas y los social media ofrecerán una completa solución que pondrá de relieve lo que aporta la tecnología de digital signage al entorno de la hostelería. Asimismo, también mostrará como estas herramientas de señalética aplicadas al mercado de retail pueden trasladarse a otros sectores verticales como el de la educación, el entretenimiento o el ámbito corporativo.

Cayin will also present its content management server CMS-SE, a flexible option for growth projects and a suitable alternative for the design of digital signage networks or cloud-based services in IoT.

Cayin CMS-SECMS-SE redundancy services (failover) so that if a CMS server is offline or out of service, the backup automatically diverts the connection until the principal becomes available again supported.

With a concise and clear design, user interface, web-based CMS server offers easy handling while allowing control up to a thousand SMP players simultaneously.

Administrators can create groups with a maximum of two levels to systematically manage all SMP players in two major aspects: content update and task scheduling.


Cayin CMS-SE

  • Stable management software equipped with intuitive user interface and access to online help.
  • Update content up to thousand SMP players simultaneously.
  • It offers flexible central scheduling based on time scales once, every day, week, month or year.
  • Dissemination of emergency messages in just two clicks.
  • Library and cloud resources, freely available.
  • Play secured environment with a redundant server support.
  • Supports be installed on virtual machines and cloud-based VMS.

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By • 26 May, 2017
• Section: Control, Digital signage, Distribution signals, Events

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