The prototype of this system, which already has patent is based on control of liquor in bar Stok weight and control in real time, thanks to the interactive screen and specific software, among many other possible applications.

Interactive bar bar Mario Acosta

The prototype, with the patent 'perfected bar bar', by Mario Acosta Villanueva recorded in his Web It is structured in a series of contiguous platforms with dimensions to operate with a drink in any bar or pub, where the base is an interactive screen basis, allowing us to offer a variety of possibilities for use by software and specific applications, it is installed flush with the bar.

Interactive bar bar Mario AcostaIt has also incorporated a mechanism for weighing according to the beverage is served, with displays on the screen indicating the centilitres to be pouring the cup or glass as served from the bottle, so that both the server and the client can see the amount of liquor that bears consumption.

Being basically a screen with software and applications, one of the possibilities is as emitter potential advertising random presence detector or an advertisement, message, etc. drink brand which is serving the customer, among others.

This prototype incorporates a 'drag mode' for selecting activation if two rounds of cups join and also precise control of alcohol, may incorporate sensors for payment bar; control servers fingerprint, etc.

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By • 30 May, 2017
• Section: Control, Display, Business

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