This will be one of the strategic focuses of the company in the Iberian Peninsula for 2018 and its development has chosen business model focused on providing customer spreads, complementary and customized solutions. Among its recent initiatives include the opening of a new Solution Center HPE and turns your mobile CPD V-Truck.

Esprinet V-Valley

V-Valley is the platform developed by the Group Esprinet offering offer solutions and value that participating Vinzeo, Esprinet, V-Valley Iberian and Iberian Itway acquired business. It is a business model rated by Javier Bilbao, president of V-Valley Iberian, as "innovative, complementary and collaborative. In addition, the draft value will be one of the cornerstones in the strategy of the company for 2018. We want to be aggregators reference solutions in the value of offering our partners a wide range of technologies, solutions and services vanguard " .

The organizational model has been launched in the Iberian Peninsula is defined as collaborative, independent, modular and scalable in order to provide a differentiated services on the market.

Cuando Esprinet compró Vinzeo hace ya un año, la estrategia de la compañía ya apuntaba a centrar el negocio en el mercado de Valor y V-Valley es un paso más hacia este objetivo. Asimismo, se planteó una independencia entre ambas compañías y en esta plataforma el modelo se mantiene. “Ofrecemos un completo portfolio de soluciones y servicios fruto de la sinergia de tres compañías que operan de forma complementaria pero independiente”.

Según estimaciones aportadas por la compañía, el potencial de negocio de proceso de transformación digital de las empresas en España alcanzará en los próximos años un volumen de facturación de 20 billones de euros. “V-Valley se posiciona como uno de los jugadores principales en este mercado aportando todas las soluciones y servicios para que nuestros partners puedan liderar un mercado lleno de oportunidades como el que se aproxima”.

The business value of Esprinet, reaching between 85 and 90 million euros, is based on the Infrastructure Solutions Division, whose key technology Hewlett Packard Enterprise and of comes from Vinzeo; and activities from businesses and Itway V-Valley. With the new strategy, expects its turnover is magnified by two this year.

Buying Itway Iberian meant for the Group and for this project Value "complete the offer, human resources, technical certifications and a different vision oriented Data Center," says Fernando Feliu, director of Sales and Marketing of V-Valley Ixberian.

Esprinet Vinzeo CPD HPE

Value initiatives

Among the new projects launched the company are the new Center for HPE Solutions, which has just been inaugurated at the headquarters of Vinzeo in Madrid, and V-truck, a mobile CPD that will tour ten Spanish cities for to publicize the latest advances in computing, storage and networking.

This CPD incorporates the latest technology based products HP Enterprise infrastructure with a range of complementary software products that enable design all kinds of advanced business solutions.

“Somos el único mayorista de valor con foco exclusivo en las soluciones de infraestructura de HP, que cuenta con este tipo de CPD donde nuestros partners y sus clientes pueden experimentar directamente con tecnologías y realizar pruebas de concepto. Además, pueden acceder a cursos de formación impartidos con la colaboración de HPE”, aclara Carlos Preciado, director de la División de Soluciones de Infraestructura de Vinzeo.

This CPD is connected to the Innovation Center HPE and gives access to a set of ISVs and developers of complementary solutions "that make our partners to make public complete solutions in deployments on premise and hybrid environments or private cloud and ".

CPD mobile V-Truck

V-Valley V-TruckThe second initiative launched Esprinet is a mobile CPD, which is installed in a specially equipped truck and perform a spin during the months of June and July, ten Spanish cities.

Besides technology HPE, complementary security solutions and examples of applications in hybrid environments are also displayed. And to do so, they have the cooperation of Microsoft Azure, Suse and CheckPoint.

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By • 30 May, 2017
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