The manufacturer has introduced its new range of televisions OLED and Super UHD and sound bars, described as "technology more advanced television LG to date" with partners like Netflix and Dolby to ensure an immersive experience and quality compatible with any content HDR.


Innovation, ease of use, quality and variety of content, as well as connection certified security are some of the elements that define the new 2017 range of TVs LG Super UHD OLED and the manufacturer presented yesterday at an event accompanied guests like Netflix and DolbyWhose contents and sound are a fundamental part of these developments, as explained Anaís Moreno, director of marketing and HA HE LG Electronics Spain.

With the motto "The true technological evolution accelerates your senses', and defined by Moreno as" technology more advanced television LG to date ", the new range, already available on the market consists of equipment OLED; Super UHD UHD with Nanocell and Premium, a proposal to bar sound with Dolby Atmos adds, and "the jewel in the crown of this innovation TVs: LG OLED TV Signature W7".


Indeed, the latter team was a week ago during the presentation of sponsorship manufacturer and provider of audiovisual solutions for the new stadium Wanda Metropolitan Atletico Madrid (more details Digital AV Magazine).

One of the innovations of the range is the multi-HDR TVs LG, "the only five tools with content that is in the -HDR10 market, HLG, Technicolor HDR, HDR and HDR Active Dolby Vision's unique capacity LG- to offer full compatibility with content like this, "he stresses Moreno, while ensuring that" is the theater experience more immersive, full and overwhelming never got home before by a manufacturer, thanks to technology Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and the availability of content in HDR many producers, specifically Netflix ".

Yann Lafargue Netflix EMEA

Para corroborarlo, Yann Lafargue (en la imagen superior), responsable de comunicación corporativa y tecnología de Netflix EMEA, señaló que “la tecnología HDR es una potente nueva herramienta para los creadores de contenido, y solo estamos empezando a ver cómo los narradores de historias utilizarán el HDR para ofrecer impresionantes imágenes que nos ayuden a sentir y experimentar más. Seguiremos trabajando estrechamente con LG para garantizar que todos puedan acceder a un gran contenido en HDR y disfrutarlo en los televisores OLED”.

Channel strategy, so far the largest provider of 4K content, focuses on that "we can offer in the future all our catalog HDR" Lafargue said, providing production data for this year: more than fifty original films, with more than a thousand hours of content itself.

Yann Lafargue Netflix EMEA

Nuevos modelos OLED

The manufacturer, which is currently the only market to produce systems with this technology in all sizes, including large format, has joined its ten new models Oled TV functionality Dolby Vision and Atmos, as well as improvements in design as picture -on-wall W series; blade-slim series B7, C7, and picture-on-glass of E7 and G7 series.

In this range the model W7 Signature OLED TV, an ultra-thin flexible system, only 2.57 mm thick, which is placed on a flat surface with four magnets, which "offers a visual experience never before achieved thanks to highlights combination of Dolby Vision and its audio Dolby Atmos, which makes the sound bounce off the walls of the room and reach an absolutely immersive effect 360. ".

Have LG W SignatureFor its part, the new range Super UHD "represents the premium range of LCD TVs with 4K resolution and features Nanocell, LCD technology more advanced color to date, able to reproduce ultra-realistic images, more accurate color and viewing angles wider ".

During the event, the company made public the results of the study commissioned from the Center for Biomedical Technology UPM and UCM, through Braininvestigations on cognitive neuroscience consumers to view content in one OLED TV and LED.

As Francisco del Pozo (at the bottom), responsible for the center, he said "OLED technology generates a brain activation and sensory perception in the viewer a 33% greater than that of LED TVs."


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By • 31 May, 2017
• Section: Display, Business, Production

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