In addition to the involvement of different experts, whose papers focused on the uses and applications of this technology, attendees could enjoy experiences with the main VR market devices: HTC Vive, Google Day Dreams, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Fove.

EsRealidadVirtual 2017 Laura Raya

The University Center for Technology and Digital Art, U -tad, Held in Madrid Campus EsRealidadVirtual the second edition of the event, where experts and professionals from different sectors shared their knowledge about virtual reality and its many uses, a technology that took off in 2016 and which still has much to offer.

"Virtual reality is not a bubble, it goes forward. Is something that is being taken very seriously brands and mainstream media, "said Edgar Martin-Blas, CEO of New Horizons VR and director of the Certificate of Specialization in Production for Virtual and Augmented Reality U-tad, during his speech ' virtual reality invades everything. "

EsRealidadVirtual 2017

The RV is not just a technology application in the recreational area but offers new ways to tell stories and educate and in which "all sectors, clients and projects are included. We are only at the beginning, "concluded Martin-Blas.

Laura Raya, experta en realidad virtual y responsable de esta disciplina en el Centro Universitario U-tad, presentó en su ponencia ‘CicerOn: VR Speech Coach’, un proyecto que ayuda a estudiantes con síndrome de Asperger a superar, gracias al entrenamiento, las dificultades que tienen a la hora de exponer en público o trabajar en grupo. “Esta tecnología tiene una capacidad muy buena para ser adaptada a múltiples entornos, como la accesibilidad, la medicina, la arquitectura… La capacidad de inmersión de la RV nos hace sentir presentes en un mundo diferente y avanzar en él como si fuera el mundo real”.

Laura Raya invitó a los asistentes que estén trabajando en realidad virtual a que, como U-tad, apuesten por proyectos sociales, ya que es “la mejor manera de cambiar y mejorar el mundo. Orientar los proyectos de RV a la accesibilidad, a la igualdad o a la discapacidad tiene una recompensa hacia uno mismo y hacia la sociedad muy grande”, expresó Raya.

EsRealidadVirtual 2017

Luis Miguel Samperio psychologist said that "virtual reality will have a key role in the design of happiness". Human beings tend to forget soon the positive experiences and to torment himself with the negative. This technology can help to change that perception. It has the ability to induce the flow state, the most addictive, enjoyable and welfare state exists. "

Samperio also talked about where this technology can go. There are trends that suggest that, in the next 20 or 30 years, virtual reality glasses pass to be within our own nervous system.

In his speech, the sexologist Angela Aznárez Gámez explained the relationship between virtual reality and sexuality. "The RV has a lot to do in helping victims of sexual abuse have PTSD."

They have created platforms like 'The World EMMA', aimed at psychologists and mental health, using scenarios that represent the event lived by the person in the most realistic way possible for it to cope with the situation in an environment checked. The sexologist also presented projects using virtual reality to education and sexual self-knowledge as GMOs Yes or Virtual Sexology.

immersive demonstrations

In the demonstration area, thanks to HTC Vive, Day Dreams of Google, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and FOVE, attendees were able to experience different immersive experiences.

They became a drop of water which is filtered until a secret spring, they got into the skin of a Syrian child suffering the consequences of war (ash) were introduced into a human body with type A and B to learn more about this disease, toured the 'the Garden of Earthly Delights "by Hieronymus Bosch, painting as if part of it was formed and discover every detail (InmersArte), among many other experiences.

It could also play Farpoint, the game for PS VR Aim using the new Controller.

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