During these events, over eighty professionals forty companies have known in detail the operation of Avia DSP processors and their configuration and programming tools; unified solution for meeting Mercury communications and the latest developments in the DigitalMedia range.

Crestron day Iberica Madrid

The Iberian subsidiary of manufacturer control technology and audiovisual automation Crestron brought together late last May about eighty professionals forty companies in the free open days the company has held in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where through several interactive demos and networking have presented their latest developments.

These include the compact console Mercury, already available on the market, specially developed for use in boardrooms and meetings, offering a comprehensive and flexible approach of AV technologies, networks and communication, combined with the safe management in the cloud.

Crestron day Iberica Madrid

To explain the advantages of the latest developments in the DigitalMedia range, in these open days have shown in detail the advantages of DM NVX series, which allows to distribute video to 4K resolution 60 4: 4: 4 HDR over a network 1 GB Ethernet standard latency.

Attendees also were able to see demos of Avia DSP processors, which allow operation natively line multichannel amplifiers Avia Audio Solutions, and its configuration tools and programming to provide audio systems powerful, accurate and flexible in a wide range of commercial applications.

As noted from the company, "if ten years ago Crestron revolutionized the market with the introduction of DigitalMedia technology, today changed again the rules of the game thanks to Mercury and NVX and Avia systems, redefining the market of professional AV and BYOD collaboration ".

Crestron day Iberica Barcelona

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By • 5 Jun, 2017
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