Linked for years to the America's Cup, the team of multinational technology company lives up to it with the use of advanced data analysis in real and IoT time, thanks to the thousand sensors distributed on the ship and between members crew connected to a database of the company.

Oracle Team usa Copa del America

Oracle It leads for years closely linked to the America's Cup with his team Oracle Team USA, A relationship that goes far beyond mere sponsorship. Technology analysis of data in real time has been an integral part of one of the biggest sporting milestones in the history of the sport in 2015, when the team rallied to win 8-1 against the victory that year.

Until June 12, the four challenges that have passed the knockout stages will contest the semifinals and the final of the Louis Vuitton Cup, which will be released rival Oracle Team USA. The final showdown for the 35th America's Cup will take place from 17 to 25 June and the winner will be the first ship to achieve seven partial victories.

Oracle Team usa Copa del AmericaTo return to achieve this victory, Oracle Team USA has been equipped with a latest generation equipment based on IoT technology (Internet of Thins), with connecting thousand sensors distributed on the boat and the crew that transmit data live Oracle database Exadata. Thus, the crew receives real-time information on what to optimize and how to save valuable seconds.

These devices are four sensors aerodynamic wing sail pressure pot, providing valuable information on the equipment airflow around the candle under different conditions.

Oracle Team usa Copa del AmericaA ellos se añaden los de la propia tripulación, que recogen datos como la frecuencia cardiaca, la transpiración o los niveles de ácido láctico, además de las horas que pasan en el barco y la energía que gastan. Gracias a estos sensores es posible crear programas individuales de entrenamiento y nutrición para maximizar el rendimiento de los miembros del equipo.

The analysis of millions of data from external sources (such as weather patterns or wave data, etc.) to help predict the winds, with an accuracy of half knot along the entire route of this competition are part of this technology deployment and connected in real time allowing the team to save a crucial time in the race to win the America's Cup.

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By • 6 Jun, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Networks

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