Class D Quattrocanali amplifiers, minimod 4 and LiteMod 4HC modules, version 2.10 software Harmony Pro Audio Suite and an app for controlling Deva multimedia devices are some of the solutions to be showcased as a novelty at the fair in Orlando.

In InfoComm 2017, to be held from 14 to 16 June at the Orange Convention Center in Orlando, Powersoft It will demonstrate various technologies for their installation and OEM applications including US debut of new platform for installation Quattrocanali amplification and Minimod 4 and LiteMod 4HC modules.

In the event of software version 2.10 Harmony Pro Audio Suite, which includes full integration with Smaart 8 will also be presented Rational Acoustic. It also incorporates a new interactive tuning plugin that provides a wide range of features including offline programming handling are including Gain, Polarity, Delay, Sum, Average and Fusion.

In its booth, Powersoft will offer professionals the opportunity to gain knowledge about the advanced features of its products. This will be divided into four zones: amplification modules, M-Force, Installation and Deva, which surround a reception area and the bar.

Powersoft personal sessions held in two areas of demo at the booth, one of which will be dedicated to OEM products and the other installation lines. During demonstrations will be announced some of the remote control capabilities of Harmony Pro Audio Suite mounts installation, including GPI / VCA remote in Quattrocanali with small speakers, the web application of the X series and remote third with loudspeakers QSC , Crestron and Xilica.

Demos dedicated to the OEM market will deepen in ProManager Harmony software, into the installation process, creating custom models and integration with Harmony.

Powersoft minimod4

Quattrocanali, MiniMod 4 y LiteMod 4HC

Los amplificadores Clase D de cuatro canales Quattrocanali harán su debut en Estados Unidos en esta feria. Estos equipos, que proporcionan un sonido cristalino y una alta eficiencia, estarán disponibles en tres modelos variando entre 300 y 1200 W por canal y complementando a las series Duecanali de dos canales y Ottocanali de ocho canales.

Los módulos MiniMod 4 y LiteMod 4HC serán otra de las novedades. El primero es un módulo integrado que ofrece fuente de energía switching universal con corrección de factor de potencia y un total de 600 W de amplificación de audio. Configurable como cuatro, tres, dos canales o un solo canal de salida de alta potencia, es una solución versátil y compacta para aplicaciones de baja potencia.

As Minimod 4, the LiteMod 4HC is a versatile module that gathers 2,400 W power through four stages in a compact size. It can be configured to output four, three, two or one channel operation both 2Ω as 8Ω and is suitable for applications of high channel count systems, three and two-way satellite systems and subwoofers.

Powersoft Deva

Deva control systems

Por otra parte, Powersoft dará a conocer una nueva aplicación que permite el control de unidades multimedia Deva. A través de un iPad, los asistentes podrán interactuar con unidades programadas para servicios de información, entretenimiento y seguridad. Los asistentes serán guiados usando la app para monitorizar unidades Deva individuales en un área, acceder a detalles de zona y ejecutar acciones como playback, todo remotamente.

"Quattrocanali completes our specific set of efficient, powerful and great sound installation applications in a compact package amplifiers, while our new OEM minimod 4 and LiteMod 4HC modules allow interesting possibilities in the design of amplified speakers," says Francesco Fannichi, director Brand and Communications of Powersoft.

In addition ,, as was published in Digital AV Magazine, Powersoft provide InfoComm attendees the opportunity to earn credits for certification renewal as they learn how to design and easily specify fixed installation systems using integrated Class D power amplifiers DSP

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By • 6 Jun, 2017
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