This intelligent tester with radio frequency identification technology gives retailers greater inventory accuracy within testers, the area of ​​greatest conversion shop sales and purchase customization thanks to provide data in real time.

Tyco Retail Fitting Room RFIDThe Fitting Room RFID solution developed by Tyco Retail Solutions It is a combination of solutions hardware, firmware and software RFID Rain this provider, designed to offer added value to retailers promoting sales from the tester and improved shopping experience for the user.

The solution has an integrated antenna and multifunctional RFID reader Tyco, which gives retailers greater visibility of the items that are in inventory, all from the tester itself, which in addition to improving the operational efficiency of the establishment also prevents losses.

Fitting Room RFID offers insight into real-time inventory to help employees in their day to day in a non-intrusive. It also allows monitoring various areas to combat the decline in merchandise, while providing promotional opportunities in the tester itself and generate sales conversion statistics to create product performance reports.

Tyco Retail Fitting Room RFID TrueVueThe solution, which has been awarded in important competitions retail, can be implemented with basic functionality, which provides exclusively Tyco Retail, and then add other that add more value and offer more personalized service to the customer; a premium proposal that has been developed in collaboration with AccentureThrough Digital Kurt Salmon retail consulting firm it acquired last year.

Brent Brown, vicepresidente y general manager de inteligencia de inventario e Internet de las Cosas (IoT) de Tyco Retail Solutions, subraya que “a través de Fitting Room RFID los minoristas pueden promover las ventas desde el probador mientras los usuarios viven una experiencia de compra totalmente personalizada. El auge del e-commerce ha afectado de manera directa a minoristas de todo el mundo, y desde Tyco queremos ayudarles ofreciéndoles este tipo de soluciones que permitan atraer a los usuarios de nuevo a los comercios físicos”.

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By • 9 Jun, 2017
• Section: To fund, Display, Distribution signals

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