The annual convention of this multinational was developed in an environment where audiovisual elements prevailed among which highlighted a projection of more than 40 meters and a spectacular performance with more than 300 synchronized laser kinetic spheres.

SonoIn collaboration with Marva group and the agency Zum Brazil, he was commissioned to provide expertise for the integration of the elements of audiovisual technology used in the sixth annual sales convention that the drugmaker Libbs held in Punta Umbria, for the second consecutive year, and they attended by more than 1,300 people.

For the plenary hall, a projection screen of more than 40 meters fed by eight projectors, installed Boat HDX 20,000 lumens standard equipped with the light-on-demand option for a flexible light output. The contents are managed with the system Dataton Watchout and E2 Boat for optimum image quality and control of the different elements that made the presentation and show. The sound system was based on 5.1 speakers L'Acoustic Kara y SB 28.

To carry out product launches over 50 meters LED display high-resolution content management via boat E2 mounted system, to give it the maximum dynamism. In this case, the sound featured L'Acoustic box for line array Kiva. It is also supplied more than 100 monitors, 150 laptops, projections, fipcharts and other accessories for break out rooms for group meetings.

Sono was instructed to mount a stage and provide technical assistance for live performances that took place during dinner and cocktails outside the hotel where the convention was held.

The part most colorful part of the event was the use of LED spheres moving (Kinetic Led Lights) That offered great show effects, drawings and programmable structures.

For this event about 300 RGB spheres connected, each to a DMX engine and managed through light board GrandMa Full Size of used MA Lighting to implement the different configurations and schedules of movement. The dance of light and color was enhanced with 10 laser machines managed with laser AnimationThat the rhythm of the music offered a performance that closed the event, all it powered by the 100 moving heads and 8 smoke machines to create an enveloping atmosphere.

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By • 14 Jun, 2017
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Control, Display, Distribution signals, Lighting, Projection

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