This line of high performance, which was presented at InfoComm, is ideal for auditoriums, conference rooms and breakout rooms. It consists of solutions ranging from 6 inches to coaxial models 12 and 15, and even 18 has subwoofers.

Crestron Vector speakers

High performance speakers are designed by Vector Crestron for use in large commercial spaces such as auditoriums, conference rooms and breakout rooms. This line begins with a 6 inch coaxial and goes to the models 12 and 15 inches, and even has subwoofers 18 inch high impact systems.

These speakers, which have been presented in InfoComm 2017 closes its doors today, an innovative design include coaxial transducer that provides a sound, clarity and optimal to reinforce speech and media playback in enterprise environments intelligibility.

The transducer of high performance speakers Vector represents an advance in the design of coaxial speakers. The compression driver the titanium diaphragm operates at lower frequencies than typical, so offers better high / low alignment and increases the sound pressure levels without distortion.

The compact design of high frequency cone reduces shadowing to produce a clear and dynamic sound for both voice and music. Excitatory high and low cross placed together generate less coverage in designing interactions and provide an extremely smooth response.

"Broadening our extensive line of architectural speakers, Vector computers are designed specifically for larger spaces in commercial applications. Offer quality sound and optimal intelligibility, and are part of our complete solutions for audio business, "says Dennis Fink, director of Professional Audio Technology Crestron.

The high-performance loudspeakers Vector are designed for use with the DSP Avia and Avia Audio Tool software. By leveraging the processing of specialized signal of Avia DSP, rather than cross-network, resonances hard tone and coloration are reduced sound caused by reflections of the cone, while the nuances of the original signal are retained.

The result is a sound system that sounds extremely natural room with superior control design, higher gain before feedback and improved intelligibility.

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By • 16 Jun, 2017
• Section: Audio, Events

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