This company participates Christie until 22 June at the film festival, held at the International Convention Center of Barcelona, ​​to show in detail this software platform to European exhibitors.

Allure Christie

The 26th edition of CineEurope, Has been chosen by the contest Allure, a company of ChristieTo show more than 3,000 professionals exhibition and distribution Film Europeans, who are expected to attend this event in Barcelona until 22 June its platform for advanced automation of content for digital signage (in the main pavilion, Suite D), which allows operations to stimulate consumer behavior and revenue, automatically adapting and real-time digital content and messages.

Allure Christie

This platform, which the company introduced a few months ago in the United States, modify these contents in real time according to different factors or business conditions, such as data POS, inventory levels, ticketing, demographics guests, weather , etc.

As Craig Chapin, president of Allure, says "our deployments in the United States have already successfully passed all tests, having been amply shown to increase investment. Hence our enthusiasm to introduce this revolutionary technology in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This digital signage solution based data- -automatizada and leverages multiple data sources and applies predetermined rules customized to the individual circuit for generating a digital content to boost revenue exhibitors ".

Allure Christie

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By • 19 Jun, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Events, Dynamic advertising

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