Through this simple device can turn any surface into an interactive, creating screens up to 250 inches, and manage your content from 30 meters away, among other possibilities and applications in educational settings, business, etc.

integrated technology solutions-STI Bird

The engineering company Integrated Technology Solutions (STI) Is available in Spain the Bird device, which allows you to interact with ease with any surface, making it multi touch, as well as used through touch (even remotely), hand gestures, such as mouse, etc, and manage content from anywhere in the room or classroom to 30 meters away.

integrated technology solutions-STI Bird

Bird fits the index finger of the user and communicates directly with your computer or tablet to easily perform any professional or educational presentation, turning any surface into a screen up to 250 ", enhancing attention and visual experience in a presentation at business meetings in the classroom or performing a product demonstration, among other possibilities and applications.

This device is compatible with any software (MS Office, web browsers, Autocad, Photoshop, etc.), increases the chances of a projector or screen to offer interactivity and collaboration, adding digital content.

integrated technology solutions-STI Bird

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By • 19 Jun, 2017
• Section: Accessories, Control, Display, Distribution signals

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