diaphanous spaces, with seating areas, and areas to work in groups and individually, all equipped with touch screens, large-format visual tools and digital to enhance collaboration and productivity communication are some of the elements that, according Legamaster specialist, can not miss in enterprise environments.

Legamaster e-screen

The office spaces are changing at a pace never seen before. The imminent arrival to the world of generation 'millennials' labor mean the end of a concept of individual workspace that will give way to the new 'Workspace 3.0' new workspaces 'smart' where teamwork will be combined, productivity , connectivity, space for brainstorming and interactivity.

Meeting rooms and fixed jobs will give way to a new concept of multi-functional, comfortable, fun and open spaces that allow flexible, collective and individual use with a careful and innovative design.

The zones are more diaphanous, with seating areas and small spaces to work individually and in groups, in which much cared design environments, to be visually pleasing, with colorful, and to transmit a positive image for those working in the company and those who visit.

Legamaster workspaceVisual tools and digital media have a greater presence to enhance creativity, productivity and digital connectivity.

To achieve this transformation, Stephen Bernard, responsible for the brand Legamaster in Spain, whose products sold in this market StudyPlan, It recommends several aspects of the technological equipment they begin to increasingly valued:

large format touchscreens: either one or more tactile and mobile screens where participants can interact in person and remotely in an easy and simple way. The new e-touch screens Legamaster (up to 86 '') functioning as a giant tablet with video connection options and simultaneously to mobile devices and the Internet.

Groupware intuitive and multi-platform: for expediting meetings it is necessary to have a software whose operation is quick and immediate and can be used simultaneously by all members of the meeting. Thanks to Flipbox Suite software each participant can connect with the Legamaster screen from your own computer, tablet or smartphone.

BYOD collaboration (use your own device) It is vital, since you can share the contents of each PC or tablet wirelessly on the screen to improve group collaboration regardless of operating system of each device.


whiteboards, flipcharts digital or labeled crystals: la tecnología digital no sustituye necesariamente a los recursos tradicionales. Hay quien prefiere usar herramientas analógicas, como rotuladores de fácil borrado, de neon o de tiza líquida sobre pizarras de cristal que tienen un componente de diseño muy original. Algo tan sencillo como una pizarra de cristal puede ser un aliado perfecto para los nativos digitales que se incorporan al mundo laboral, ya que se sienten cómodos con cualquier recurso digital.

In the latter, the company has developed new screens of mobile, magnetic crystal and labeled on both sides, designed in different colors to suit the decor of Workspace 3.0 spaces, which are cared for and valued more aesthetic.

Organization and planning objectives: a collaborative work environment is paramount that all team members are clear about the organization and work planning and time management. An overview of the action plan to allow all members to see how their individual objectives contribute to the success of the joint project.

Legamaster showroom

To facilitate the presentation of projects requiring phase or dates different group members have to remember, this company has a range of magnetic whiteboards with preprinted grid as a planner or calendar.

"It's a way of facilitating organizational work. In the same slate can plan any project in the short, medium or long term and draw a table with adhesive strips that anyone can add or remove, taking everything at a glance, "says England.

Mobility and flexibility: los nuevos espacios de trabajo colaborativo requieren de elementos de comunicación visual polivalentes, para los que Legamaster propone el uso de las Magic Chart Notes; un nuevo concepto de notas que se adhieren a cualquier superficie plana por electricidad estática de manera limpia, sin adhesivo, que son rotulable y borrable para utilizarse de nuevo.

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By • 22 Jun, 2017
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