These selectors presentations eliminate the need to purchase multiple management devices signals and provide optimal value to customers needing a solution robust and easy to use presentation.

AMX Incite 813

AMX Incite are the new management professional AV devices he has made known Harman Professional Solutions, brand distributed by Avit VisionIn last edition InfoComm 2017. These switchers offer powerful performance presentation audio and video and are ideal in a wide range of settings including classrooms and conference rooms.

By combining video technology with AMX audio technologies BSS, dbx and CrownThe Incite systems are able to offer video scaling, windowing, amplification and audio processing, support for 4K60, integrated central control and remote transport.

AMX Incite 813New selectors presentations Incite eliminate the need to purchase multiple signal management devices and offer optimum value to customers who need a robust solution presentation and easy to use.

Incite AMX supports 4K 60fps video inputs and outputs scaled providing support for permanent and temporary source devices connected simultaneously, including 4K and not 4K. Current HD signals can be scaled up, while the 4K / 60 can be reduced, allowing flexible support between the source and the screen. Transport distance based on HDBaseT provides Full 4K / 60 to 4: 4: 4 about an economic category cable for simple point-to-point.

AMX Incite 813

BSS, dbx y Crown

Thanks to technologies BSS Audio, dbx and Crown, AMX Incite offers sound quality Harman.
The digital signal processor integrated BSS allows accurate tuning to match the attributes of the source with the features of the room and includes advanced features such as a parametric EQ 10 independent bands, gain adjustments and independent input variable compression.

The improved microphone processing includes a three-band equalizer, compression, gating, ducking and self-limiting in each microphone to ensure crystal communication.

Dbx AFS (Advanced Feedback Suppression) eliminates the guesswork in the feedback control. Enabling AFS group of audio output, feedback Incite automatically stops to avoid distractions and prevent damage to the speakers and headphones.

Crown amplification technology DriveCore integrates the drive stage amplifier in the power stage output. The circuitry of interface DriveCore efficiency advantage output stages Class D while maintaining the sound characteristics. As a result, an audio amplifier circuit one very efficient piece that exhibits optimal audio quality in a design evolved Class AB is obtained.

AMX Incite 813

Windowing functions and live production

AMX Incite has advanced video windowing functions with scaling. Two sources can be sent to a single screen into multiple predefined configurations (side to side, top-down and picture in picture) and AMX sources Incite automatically scale to fit the requirements of screen resolution target.

It also includes features video style 'live production' and transition effects when switching between sources, allowing presenters to add a professional look to your presentations.

AMX Incite 813

AMX Incite es fácil de instalar, configurar y mantener. Las flexibles opciones de interfaz incluyen GUI web integrada, panel de control frontal y configuración de menús en pantalla. Incite es un dispositivo NetLinx nativo que se puede controlar a través de comandos nativos NetLinx ICSP.

Además del modelo base, estarán disponibles dos modelos con características adicionales y opciones de hardware. Una versión que añade un amplificador 70/100V Stereo DriveCore (de Crown) disponible en el mismo tamaño de 1 unidad de rack; y otra que incluye un controlador central completo AMX NX-2200 en un tamaño de dos unidades de rack. Esta versión incluye todos lo puertos de control del NX-2200 y su capacidad de procesamiento, junto con la funcionalidad integrada de red de control privada (ICSLan).

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