Efficient, sustainable and human space define the characteristics of Virto, a technological development by Axiare Heritage, in collaboration with the consulting innovation Opinno, which aspires to become the first building of 'smart' offices with connectivity IoT, artificial intelligence and a virtual assistant, among other features.

Edificio became Axiare

Around six million euros has been invested Axiare Heritage in developing a new concept of building "smart" offices, called Edificio Virto. Located in the Madrid suburb of Alcobendas, this space has more than 17,000 m2 of gross lettable area, which will market Cushman & WakefieldAnd it will be certified with the LEED Gold standard of sustainability.

An ambitious project designed by the company to turn this building into a virtual entity with an attendant to service users, enabling them to manage the day to day at the office by phone or giving voice commands.

Virto redesigning the building, designed by the architectural firm Arq2gether, will be completed in the spring of 2018, and the name and visual identity of the virtual assistant Virto, created by branding consultancy sum, Will be launched from next October, according to data provided by Axiare, who wants to become the first office building market equipped with a virtual assistant.

Specifically, this virtual assistant is based on its own technological development created by Axiare R & D + i, -the innovation lab owned by Axiare Patrimonio-, in collaboration with the consulting Opinno technological innovation, designed to transform the work experience their tenants, offering them a working environment with spaces and adapted to new services business cultures.

To do this, the building will integrate features and artificial intelligence technologies, Internet of Things (Internet of Things - IoT), 'machine learning' and 'zero interface', among others. Users can communicate with the building, specifically with the virtual assistant by voice, touch screens and gesture control detectors.

As noted from Axiare, "it comes to incorporating technology sense and for people, making Virto into a virtual entity that will radically improve the functioning of services, security and permanently transforms the experience of work of their tenants."

In addition, in the mobile application Virto Building Better Workplace App Development -the first Axiare- technological innovation, which is already operating in a business park patrimonialista company, through which it will integrate future tenants of the property will connect with Virto for, among other features, access to the working area using a virtual key on the phone, book a place for electric car, a meeting room or cafeteria menu.

Con esta aplicación, el usuario también podrá comunicar cualquier incidencia del edificio al servicio de mantenimiento, consultar cuál es el trayecto más rápido para llegar a la oficina, y un sinfín de funcionalidades que se irán incrementado en función de las demandas que se produzcan. Todos los servicios y proveedores, tanto de este edificio como de Axiare Patrimonio, se integran en esta App, que cuenta con su propia pasarela de pago segura para facilitar pagos y reservas.

Los trabajos para dotar a Virto de ‘vida digital’ e interactuar con el edificio se iniciaron en febrero de este año y se prevé que tengan una duración de, aproximadamente, doce meses. Según la compañía, la previsión es que concluyan a la vez que la remodelación del inmueble, en la primavera de 2018, y presentar ‘en vivo’ el funcionamiento de Virto en octubre de este año.

Guillermo Fernandez-Cuesta, Axiare Heritage property manager, said that "Virto represents the total connectivity of the building with its tenant. This property is equipped with the latest technology, but always thinking about the people who will work on it. The technology applied to real estate and focused towards the user can definitely help us improve the way we work ".

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By • 26 Jun, 2017
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