For lighting design of this production they are using mobile heads hybrid Platinum FLX, LED arrays with continuous rotation at 360 ° Pan and Tilt ACL 360 and strops Matrix Color Led Protron 3K.

Elation gira Tesla

The legendary rock band Tesla has used moving heads Platinum FLX, ACL 360 Matrix effects and strobe Led Protron 3K Color Elation Professional on the tour that is performing this year for North America.

With lighting design by Ignacio Iggy Rosenbeg, the California group that continues on the road after more than 30-year career began his tour in January and continues with numerous concerts throughout the year.

Para esta producción se está utilizando en su diseño de iluminación cabezas móviles híbridas Platinum FLX, matrices Led con giro continuo 360° en Pan y Tilt ACL 360 Matrix y también estrobos Led color Protron 3K Color. Unas soluciones que han sido proporcionadas por la empresa Sure Sound & Lighting.

Elation gira Tesla

Platinum FLX moving heads used on this tour are placed behind the band at half height and also in truss structures on stage. This solution has a design of two different optical systems and incorporates the Philips lamp 20R Platinum 470-watt 23,000 Lumen. Its zoom range is 1.8 at 18 ° in Beam, 2.9 at 25 ° in Spot and 6-42 ° in Wash with CMY color mixing, linear CTO, 10 dichroic colors, 8 + 6 gobos and prism 8 linear sides and rotating.

Along with the Platinum FLX, behind the band and accompanying, Protron 3K Color units that provide various resources during concerts are located.

“Estos estrobos Led color los utilizo en momentos puntuales, cuando quiero dar impacto visual a las canciones. No quiero sobre-utilizar su nivel máximo de luminosidad demasiado a menudo para mantener el efecto sorpresa con el público y, por eso, durante gran parte del concierto me ofrecen una iluminación general constante gracias a su tecnología Led y los uso a un nivel del 25% de luminosidad”, añade Iggy.

240 RGBW LED 3 Watt, for a total of 720 watts and a constant level of brightness and uninterrupted 40,000 lumens, strobe Protron 3K Color opens the range of creative resources offered by traditional appliances strobe lighting, thanks to its RGB color mixing and the possibility of continuous and constant flashing with control over the duration and frequency thereof.

Elation gira Tesla

Behind the battery units Led Matrix Matrix Elatio ACL 360, are distributed brand Visualsvisuals, The lighting designer of this tour mostly used for general color washes.

"Initially I am using to project solid colors, but as the tour progresses I am integrating pixel-mapping settings in the lighting design."

The ACL 360 Matrix has 25 Led RGBW 15W, for a total of 375 watts of power, 4 ° opening, providing a combined beam 14 ° opening and broad visual possibilities thanks to its continuous rotation of 360 ° Pan and Tilt. Individual control over each pixel and its compatibility with ArtNey and Klingnet (and connectors in and out RJ45 / Ethercon addition DMX 3 and 5-pin) make it ideal for programming pixel-mapping.

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By • 26 Jun, 2017
• Section: Lighting, Production

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