DSF265L mounting cable manufacturer offers retailers a versatile, easy to install and unobtrusive solution to support their digital signage systems and digital signage in shop windows, showcases and inside the establishment and capture the attention of customers.

Peerless-AV DSF265L

In order to respond to mounting displays in commercial applications where a subtle solution is required and where the support wall is not an option, Peerless-AV He has developed DSF265L (-P), an innovative mounting system ground cable easy, discreet and easy to install ceiling to support the screens in windows or inside the store.

The DSF265L system allows the suspension of a flat screen, up to 65 inches (and a maximum weight of 29.5 kg.), Thanks to a steel wire of high strength to provide secure mounting and stable basis facilitating flexible positioning of visual systems in both landscape and portrait version.

Peerless-AV DSF265LAs Keith Dutch, managing director of Peerless-AV EMEA, "Our new cable mount explains it adapts to a wide range of environments, but is especially suitable for retail for screens in windows or display cases in which shows striking content to attract the attention of customers with a flexible, secure and discreet installation. "

Another advantage of this new system is its ease of installation for the installer, since it is fixed at any point along the cable with the hardware Kwik-Grip, which instantly adjusts the height of the adapter without the use of tools, while ceiling fixture includes self-locking connectors Cable Kwik-Loc, with simple connection to the frame or bar.

Peerless-AV DSF265L, disponible a través de la red de distribución del fabricante, incorpora una placa adaptadora con ranura en forma de cerradura que también simplifica su colocación y acelera la instalación. La tensión del cable puede ajustarse usando tensores para ofrecer una visualización precisa y nivelada. Los tornillos de ojo y las placas decorativas se incluyen para proporcionar un acabado estéticamente agradable y conexión de cable simple.

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By • 26 Jun, 2017
• Section: Accessories, Digital signage, Display

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