The technology company offers comprehensive and tailored to manage digital displays from a central point which is administered from anywhere safe, simple and scalable way solution.

Bios technology solutions digital signageThe Bios Digital Signage solution offers a flexible and interactive communication platform developed by the Bios Technology Solutions to promote, inform, educate and entertain a defined audience, at a particular time and in a specific place, which integrates a new engine for generating visual impact and attract attention in any commercial space where there is human trafficking.

Among other advantages, management of digital screens is done from a central point, anywhere, secure and scalable way, since Bios Digital Signage is developed in the cloud, without installing and maintaining servers to run the network digital signage.

Messages, content and advertising -shaped graphics, dynamic images, video and audio- can be updated and changed easily and programmed into the most appropriate for each audience centrally slots to the network of outlets.

As explained from the company, "we are aware of the value that these solutions have for communication policies of our customers, allowing them to connect with consumers more effectively. We have therefore developed a tool tailored to their needs and demands: a hardware-based and software system that can be equipped with advanced technology unified digital signage any enterprise, public or private body, as well as schools, hotels, etc; reducing costs and improving sales experience. "

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By • 29 Jun, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Dynamic advertising

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