Among other advantages, this new portable rack expansion offers more E / S, up to sixteen mic and eight line, both via XLR, to this end manufacturer.

Allen-Heath dLive DX168 audio-technica iberia

DX168 unit for dLive system provides sixteen microphone inputs via XLR, eight line inputs, also through XLR, communicating with this system using the protocol DX 96 kHz, exclusive of Allen & Heath (whose products marketed Audio-Technica Iberia), Via a CAT5e cable, which allows deployments of up to 100 meters between the digital system and the drive.

It is also possible redundant connections (in 'redundant' mode), by means of two cables, hardware dLive Class S, and no redundant connections through a single cable with Class S systems and Class C.

Allen-Heath dLive DX168 audio-technica iberiaAlternatively, in 'cascade' mode (available in the next firmware 1.60) can be connected up to six units DX168 any dLive Class S or Class C system, which means provide up to 96 inputs and 48 remote outputs.

DX168 is presented in a robust stage box format, with hard rubber protection and carrying handle to facilitate placement directly on the floor thereof. An optional kit facilitates assembly of the unit in a standard 19 inch rack ..

Ben Morgan, product line manager for live sound products, "DX168 makes it easy to add more I / S to any dLive system and deploy them where it is really necessary. Its robust design allows the rigors of everyday use on stage, while offering a lightweight and easy to transport format for proportional the highest level of flexibility. "

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By • 30 Jun, 2017
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