Twenty four million views on Youtube and four million listeners in Spotify achieved with the single from her first album, this artist has relied on the digital mixing system of this manufacturer with a control surface MixRack S5000 and DM64.

Allen Heath dLive Power

Daya American tour to promote her first album 'Sit still, look pretty', with which won a Grammy Award, has used a control system that included a Class S dLive digital mixing system Allen & HeathWhich sells in Spain Audio-Technica Ibérica- with a control surface S5000 and MixRack DM64, provided by the specialist light Global.

As explained by Daniel Reed, FOH engineer, "Daya gets very high marks. I searched her voice clear and distinct, so that the public could clearly understand his lyrics and singing his songs, using scenes, layers and effects dLive ".

For this tour, Reed has managed multiple sources used with the help of layers dLive, while maintaining entries frequent access, the effects returns and DCA masters at the top, and the iPod input source pink noise in the lower layers, among other variables.

Allen Heath dLive PowerComo cada una de las canciones pop de Daya tienen un BPM específico, Reed ha utilizado escenas para programar las unidades de retardo de dLive. “De este modo, no tengo que perseguir o hacer tap para conseguir el retardo correcto para las voces -puntualiza-. Algunas canciones son más delicadas, mientras que otras son más dinámicas y animadas, y así puedo alargar más las reverbs de la caja y las voces, y realzarlas con el retardo tap estéreo utilizando el panoramizado espacial”.

In other tours, this specialist Waves plug ins used to achieve these results, although in Daya has relied on "built-in dLive effects, which do not introduce latency and processing overhead. So I have the settings as I need and the effects pre programmed songs using scenes dLive. Emulations sound effects and compressors fantastic and very fun to work with them. "

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By • 5 Jul, 2017
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Control

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