Deep South Productions is the company responsible for providing AV technology for performances of this American musician and has added to its catalog a complete list of audio solutions from the German company for the staging of his tours, as J8S systems, J12s, J-SUBs and J-Infras, in addition to different monitors M4.

Since its first appearance in the Marshland Festival, held in Lake Charles (Louisiana, USA), Frank Foster chose Deep South Productions (DSP) To take charge of AV technology tour.

Deep South Productions has added to its catalog sound system d & b audiotechnik. “Esta inversión en d&b ha supuesto un punto de inflexión para nosotros. Ya habíamos hecho varios espectáculos con Frank y nos habíamos dado cuenta de que no estaba muy contento. Poco después de Marshlands empezamos a plantearnos la renovación de nuestro inventario de audio. Teníamos un viejo sistema y no obteníamos la asistencia que queríamos. En un principio, Joe DiFalco, de d&b, nos recomendó un sistema de la Serie V, un excelente arreglo en línea de tamaño medio, pero al final nos decidimos por la Serie J. Estudiamos los lugares donde Frank Foster iba a tocar y nos lo compramos todo: J8s, J12s, J-SUBs y J-INFRAs. Incluso compramos un montón de monitores M4”, explica Marvin Simon, propietario de DSP.

"Every aspect of the J system offers quality. Control off-axis is really accurate. With an artist like Frank, who has a very loud, not too much I have to worry where to move and that gives me more freedom to mix. The J Series is a great starting point when you get to the concert. much equalization system is not needed, or rather none. Just call the band playing, "says Jayce Bosman, mixer front of house (FOH) Foster.

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By • 5 Jul, 2017
• Section: Audio, Cases of study

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