The VPlex4 models (with DVI input) and VPlex4000 (with HDMI and Display Port) solve the limitations of standard screens videowall for content distribution network screens and facilitates the work of the technician to preview the results.

developed by Black Box to create stunning videowall with a user-friendly tool to distribute content through the screens, the Videoplex4 controller supports a DVI single input or dual link, with the possibility of dividing more than four monitors, while the VPlex4000 model has HDMI and Display Port for an unlimited number of screens.

One advantage of these systems is that it is possible cascading of multiple drivers to add more screens, and HDCP content encryption now also be displayed.

The VideoPlex 4 controller performs the input scaling either DVI or analog RGB, with maximum output resolution of 1,080p. The four monitors can display a clipped image original input area, while output to display each independently or rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees for creative landscape or portrait configurations, with programmable input Edid.

At high resolutions, DVI signals are degraded after 5 meters, although VideoPlex 4 allows connection of up to 20 m. because it has an active equalizer, capable of compensating for cable losses or even signal Dual-link resolutions.

For its part, the VideoPlex 4000 controller allows you to configure videowall individually with four or more HDMI displays, without restrictions as to the provisions thereof or sizes. It is possible to freely climb and locate images, including up to 270 ° rotation and scaling of inputs and outputs images without distortion, which is well suited for live camera inputs or animated content.

VPlex4000 cuenta con una entrada principal DisplayPort 1.2 y dos HDMI 1.4 que ofrecen resolución 4K (4.096×2.160p) a 60ips o UHD 2.160p a 30ips, respectivamente, así como puertos Ethernet dobles. Cada monitor de salida puede tomar su entrada desde cualquier zona de la imagen de entrada, ya que todos los recortes, escalados, rotaciones y conversiones de velocidades de refresco las gestiona este controlador.

These image areas can overlap to enable any output repetition and configured to support any creative division of the original ticket, which allows support of many provisions of non-rectangular screen, even with non-uniform spacing, as well as any combination guidance of monitors.

For example, downscaling high quality allows the viewing of a video source into a single output 4K while can be cropped and scaled other outlets to create a canvas almost unlimited number of screens.

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By • 6 Jul, 2017
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