This range of audiovisual modules manufacturer, available in the Spanish market through AV Company, offer interconnect solutions for complex audio projects with lightweight, compact and easy to install devices.

RDL Sysflex SF-BNC2 av companyThe wide range of converters SysFlex RDL They provide an interface between data networks and devices digital and analog audio, amplifiers and other conventional specific solutions to deploy audio networks easily.

These modules, which sells in Spain AV Company, Can be used in the necessary network point: mounted cabinet, surface mounted or not. They are lightweight, compact and easy to install, with LEDs, simple switches and without programming. The system separates SysFlex cabinet power cabling and network connectors audio and digital audio.

The SF-BNC2 (top) is a network interface bidirectional audio Dante. It has two audio inputs unbalanced (left and right) in RCA or 3.5 mm stereo connectors, and two audio outputs unbalanced (left and right) in RCA and 3.5mm stereo connectors.

For configuration no special software is required. Each entry provides a level of digital audio network -20 dBFS for an unbalanced input -10 dBV. Each output provides unbalanced -10 dBV for digital audio level of -20 dBFS network.

RDL Sysflex SF-DN4 av companyMeanwhile, SF-DN4 is a digital audio interface that converts two stereo digital audio sources on four channels Dante audio network. This module automatically detects a valid entry in any of the three jacks: S / PDIF, S / PDIF or AES / EBU XLR.

The entrance is decoded, it becomes synchronized and transmitted to the Dante network. A yellow LED on the front panel of the SF-DN4 indicates a valid source received without blocking errors. No special software is required to configure the module.

To this end also joined the network interface to digital audio SF-ND2; The headphone amplifier stereo network SF-NH1; the power amplifier network stereo (40W) SF-NP40D as well as the SF-NL2 interfaces (network audio), SF-UN1 (USB to Dante) and SF-XMN4 (microphone network) together with mounting kits.

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By • 14 Jul, 2017
• Section: Accessories, Audio

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