This strategic initiative has begun the flagship of Cobham where you installed the latest generation of DigitalMedia, the Mercury console, system availability SSW room, presentation equipment DigitalMedia, management software Fusion and touch screens TSW-X60 .

Crestron It is renewing its centers of expertise in the EMEA region in order to show the range of products launched this year. The first to launch this strategic approach is the flagship of Cobham, United Kingdom, and this will be followed by the rest.

Designed to show both corporate and residential technologies in a fully immersive environment, dealers, consultants and end users may experience Crestron and use the facilities to demonstrate innovation that provide new solutions.

"As a global leader we are proud to support our distributors with the best facilities so that they can succeed in a competitive market. Updated experience centers provide the latest technology so they can offer the best solutions for their customers. "Explains Petra van Meeuwen, Crestron Director of Media Relations.

Among the new updates that have been built in the center of Cobham experience is the latest generation of DigitalMedia. DM NVX Series is a complete end to end solution that offers 4K60, 4: 4: 4 and HDR over 1Gb Ethernet standard. USB 2.0 includes routing, DSP and coding / decoding all in one.

Another solution is installed Crestron Mercury is the console, showing that any space can be transformed into an area of ​​highly effective collaboration. It combines all the functions conferencing and collaboration that employees need, along with the rapid and secure provisioning and cloud management required by IT managers.

The new system availability SSW room glows bright green to indicate that a room is available and red if it is busy. The SSW is visible at a distance of 15 meters and uses less than 2 watts.

Built new presentation systems DigitalMedia 3 Series 4K60 with AirMedia for wireless functionality and greater power amplifier includes full support for HDCP 2.2 and Subnet Control.

Crestron Fusion is also exposed, a tool that allows global monitoring devices, data collection and reporting, scheduling rooms and remote assistance.

In addition, Crestron touch screens have been updated with the TSW-X60 range, which enable staff and visitors seamless control in the office environment and experience.

This new series combines high power performance with a high-level security and has the benefit of a faster and more powerful with new features that offer great benefits internal processor. They connect directly and securely to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite without adding any control system or additional software, which simplifies and speeds installation and large-scale implementation.

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By • 19 Jul, 2017
• Section: AV Conferencing, Control, FEATURED, Display, Distribution signals, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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