It is an exact replica of the interior of the bus the first madridista equipment that lets you know how your players live during the journey they made from Valdebebas leaving until they reach the Santiago Bernabeu before games. Inside this virtual space is equipped with 12 screen 4K 65 inch Samsung and a panoramic video wall configured with four monitors UH55F-E.

The Bus Experience Real Madrid

The Real Madrid It has built a new immersive experience for fans visiting the Santiago Bernabeu, The Bus Experience. It is an exact replica of the interior of the bus the first team Real Madrid, where fans can enjoy a virtual ride quality 4K since leaving Real Madrid City to the stadium.

During this virtual tour, visitors will learn how to live a player of Real Madrid bus ride takes from leaving Valdebebas until it reaches the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in the hours before a big game play.

The Bus Experience Real Madrid

The Agency Stark Universal He has been responsible for this virtual experience that joins the attractions already offered in the Tour of the Bernabéu, and its implementation has designed a custom Livebox.

This attraction is immersive simulator created full-scale of twelve modules with their corresponding side window covered by an HD display and four identical to the original seats seats. The front moon consists of a panoramic video wall made up of four Full HD screens.
In turn, the structure is provided with a specific sound and vibration mechanism that creates a hyper-realistic environment motion and real sound, so visitors accessing the interior can feel the feverish crowd around the bus.

The Bus Experience Real Madrid

Livebox is an immersive entertainment proposal designed by Stark Universal to experiment with emotions and challenge the viewer's senses. Through sports recreation, historical and cultural events, turns reality into an adventure where visitors live what they never dared to dream.

In this project they have been used 4K screens 65 inches Samsung They are offering a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and a brightness of 500 nits, able to offer 24 × 7 operation. Regarding the videowall, this designed in a configuration of 2 × 2, is composed of Samsung UH55F-E monitors 55 inches. These have a D-Led DID panel and a resolution of 1,920 × 1.80 pixels.

6000 W experience power that allows you to feel as if he were a player, the support of the thousands of madridistas escorting the team bus in the decisive games of the season; and joins the attractions already offered in the Tour of the Bernabéu.

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By • 20 Jul, 2017
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