This chain of perfumeries Argentina has implemented in its professional establishments LG monitors 49 and 32 inches. The solution allows handling interactive content from an existing database, minimizing deployment and subsequent updates.

LG perfumeria Cortassa

Cortassa Perfumerías is a family business founded by Aldo Cortassa just over sixty years ago in Rafaela (Santa Fe - Argentina). Initially, the organization worked as a wholesaler of hygiene products and toiletries for pharmacies, drugstores and other retailers. Over time, the business was dabbling in retail sales and now has 15 branches.

In recent years, Cortassa sought new ways to connect with customers on the premises. "The basic premise was to treat the consumer, when you enter our premises, can live the warm experience, being cared for by the seller, which in turn can delve into the shopping experience with screens and online media" Franco Cortassa explains, responsible for Retail company.

North Emprendimientos integrator was commissioned to introduce digital technology sigange in this chain of stores, and counted for implementation with the support of LGWhose large-format touchscreens make digital signage Store.

The solutions include 12 installed professional monitors LG 49 inches (SEKB model) and 3 of 32 inches. The component 'touch' and development was provided by Tecnotouch.

The solution allows handling interactive content from an existing database, minimizing project implementation and subsequent updates. Each player handles the contents of two screens, interactive advertising and the other.

The content can be managed from the control panel that is hosted on a central server. Indicates on each line a brand or multiple brands, product positioning in order, show differential pricing by store and even by percentage change them by brand / store. It also generates a user feedback as it sends you mail the requested product, storing these data in a database.

"With this solution, the user experience greatly improved as well as to find out more about your favorite scent, you can connect with other similar fragrances," says Lorena Casarotti of Tecnotouch.

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By • 26 Jul, 2017
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