Available in formats ranging from 65 to 86 inch screens this series offer optimum quality 4K and incorporate a wide range of applications to help teachers capture the attention of students. They also incorporate technologies seeking safety and user comfort.

Thinking in the education sector, BenQ family has developed interactive flat panels (IFP), integrated models ranging from 65 to 86 inches (RP654K, RP704K, RP750K and RP860K) RP series.

These screens are characterized by offering a friendly interactive design, 4K resolution, collaboration tools designed to promote learning in the classroom and include technologies that seek to increase safety and comfort students and teachers.

The surface of each model RP series is equipped with a sturdy screen to germs and intelligent solution for eye care. Every time a touchscreen is used, germs accumulate. These displays have certified SGS (Germ-Resistant Screen) and has a multilayer coating that eliminates most bacteria.

To protect the view of users, these displays feature technologies BenQ eye care, including anti-glare blue light, blue light and display reduced flicker.

La tecnología Low Blue Light, certificada por TUV, se ocupa del problema cotidiano de la exposición a la luz azul y permite un tiempo más saludable frente a la pantalla, reduciendo cualquier daño causado por el espectro de la luz azul. El sensor de movimiento PIR (Passive Infrared) detectar si una persona se acerca a la pantalla y activa la función de luz azul baja automáticamente. La otra característica certificada por TUV, la tecnología Flicker-free, elimina el parpadeo de la luz de fondo Led y genera una experiencia de visualización sin parpadeo.

Furthermore, the anti-reflection applied to the glass surface of the RP Series reduces reflection treatment, providing a better viewing experience students in the classroom. 4K Ultra HD resolution makes objects defined and more comfortable to focus. This helps educators to capture the attention of students throughout the class.

Collaboration and learning

Among the solutions that incorporate these screens to help in the classroom is the EZWrite 4.0 software, an application whiteboard that is designed to facilitate interactive learning with just a touch. This version offers new features such as identifying MyScript Calculator writing, recording, palm draft.

They also have the QTouch (optional) software that improves interactive experience. It is compatible with Windows and supports all video file formats, as well as the entry site.

Another tool is the flyout compatible with any interface tools, regardless of which operating system to use. The on-screen menu lets you access a range of functions, including recording, print screen, screen capture, eraser, pencil and slate. Users can change the colors of feathers or take screenshots.

Finally the InstaQShare software is designed for wireless presentation and collaboration during conferences. Allows seamless display of images, audio and video Full HD quality. Users can also reflect the content of mobile devices and invite up to 16 people for a perfect collaboration.

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By • 28 Jul, 2017
• Section: Display, Training

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