Developed by Retail Pro International, this software integrated business intelligence and visual analysis leverages data from multiple sources to improve the operation of these professionals in their work.

Retail software module leverages Pro Decisions Targit methodology, analysis solution currently used by over 5,500 companies in sixty countries. Custom designed for this sector Retail Pro InternationalOne of its advantages is that retailers can connect data from enterprise resource planning (ERP), management of customer relationships (CRM), supply chain and other sources in order to gain insight 360 of your business .

Los datos integrados se muestran en paneles de control fáciles de usar para identificar patrones en los puntos de venta, el rendimiento del inventario y los márgenes. Las alertas en Retail Pro Decisions notifican a los retailers si se producen desviaciones de los indicadores clave de rendimiento (KPIs), lo que les permite tomar decisiones operativas proactivas.

"Integrating all data sources is key to understanding the business and make decisions that really have an impact on growth. With Retail Pro Decisions, retailers can consume and exploit the enormous potential of data outlets interacting with all relevant data in a format control panel, "said Kevin Connor, director of product strategy at Retail Pro International .

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By • 8 Sep, 2017
• Section: Distribution signals, Business

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