El nuevo Christie Entero LED es una línea pionera de productos de iluminación LED de 1 DLP chip offering a "zero maintenance" design.

Christie Entero LED Christie ha lanzado el primer sistema LED de visualización de proyección de resolución SXGA+ y WUXGA, desarrollado para salas de control y aplicaciones de videowall. El nuevo Christie Entero LED es una línea pionera de productos de iluminación LED de 1 chip DLP que ofrece, according to the manufacturer, un diseño de “mantenimiento cero”. LEDs have an estimated lifespan of more than 50.000 hours (more than five years of reliable operation). Not having consumable components like lamps, filters or colored wheels to replace, Christie Entero LED delivers the ultimate in uninterrupted performance in shape 24/7 for exceptional reliability and low cost of ownership. Thanks to the new generation of solid-state LED technology, Christie Entero LED projection system sets new standards in control rooms with an immensely long lifespan. Because LEDs retain their spectral color characteristics longer, images stay alive and sharp for years of operation. LEDs also provide more accurate color matching and a wider range of brightness control and adjustments. In addition, red LEDs, greens and blues can be sequenced at higher rates than those of a mechanically colored wheel, keeping any artifact visible to a minimum. Christie Entero LeftChristie Entero LED projection units incorporate Christie LiteLOC and Christie ColorLOC technologies for automatic, independent brightness and color management. They also feature Christie ArrayLOC, an innovative technology that automatically matches the color and brightness levels for each cube, across the screen, continuously. The result is the perfect control room solution for videowalls of any size, without the need for constant maintenance or adjustments that affect operation and result in downtime unproductive. with 600 ANSI lúmenes de brillo, el motor de proyección Christie Entero LED es capaz de iluminar los cubos de visualización de Christie de 50”, 67” y 72”. In addition, estos cubos emplean pantallas de alta tecnología “Cross Prism” para un mayor brillo y ángulos de visión más amplios. Las ópticas selladas eliminan la necesidad de filtros de polvo, mientras que la innovadora tecnología de refrigeración “heat pipe” reduce el ruido audible.

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by • 20 Apr, 2009
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