Using the principles of augmented reality, National Geographic and Appshaker advertising agency are conducting an original advertising action in various malls in Hungary where the public can interact with dolphins, leopards, Storm environments, spatial landscapes and even with dinosaurs, in a surprising and funny way.

Augmented reality systems promise to revolutionize the world of entertainment and education to levels unthinkable until recently. As an example, on the occasion of the launch of the channel National Geographic in the Hungarian television, the Agency London Appshaker It is developing a striking travelling Assembly by several shopping centers of the Magyar country, which are invaded by dolphins, leopards, astronauts, storms and virtual dinosaurs to the delight of an audience who does not hesitate to interact with so fantastic scenes.

In this way gets own viewers to form an active part of the contents of the channel. In addition to the hundreds of spontaneous participation, action achieved a spectacular notoriety on the Internet through the viralization of videos and photos on Facebook.

The system is based on camera, a projector and a large digital display that mixes real images of people, placed on an AR marker, with virtual images of the whole characteristic of the famous institution: exotic animals, terrestrial, marine, extinct animals, natural phenomena, lunar missions... The cameras capture images of people walking around and a special software creates the effect by adding special effects and virtual characters in a fairly convincing way.

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By • 9 Nov, 2011
• Section: Augmented reality