Taiwan completo United Daily News has become the first newspaper in paper with augmented reality thanks to a simple application developed by Aurasma that activates the corresponding to the news media information when looking through a smartphone.

The largest group of communication from Taiwan, the United Daily News, has been associated with the company Aurasma to create the first newspaper on paper with augmented reality. Photos, videos, animations and commercials become interactive with only placing the camera on your mobile device over.

United Daily News has around a million daily readers and now all of them can use Aurasma to create multimedia experiences with his newspaper through Apple and Android devices. The technology works through the use of images of art and pattern recognition technology to recognize the actual images and objects. Users of the service can access interactive content such as videos and animations simply pointing your camera at the image.

The application is available for free in the App Store both the Android market. It has different features that can be used in logos, as well as in different parts of the world such as the Empire State Building, Big Ben.

It's a very interesting technology that can be used as fun, but which could also have many implications in the real world: for educational uses, medical students or mechanics or engineering issues.


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By • 23 Nov, 2011
• Section: Augmented reality