The seven offices managed by the Spanish payment institution Maccorp Exact Change at Madrid-Barajas airport, located in the terminals T1 and T2 concourses and Terminal T1 arrivals area, have a new network of video wall developed po r Réalisation Marketing Services and which employs solutions of Onela.

The Maccorp Exact Change payment institution has a new digital window to attract customers at their offices in Madrid-Barajas airport currency exchange.

The project includes a network of video wall that operates at the airport, providing support to seven currency exchange offices. Programming and management of the network have been developed by Réalisation and managed from the offices of the company in London. The application of digital signage uses ONELAN and the displays are ultra narrow bezel displays of Hyundai. The project was developed in only three months and incorporates a smart programming that offers 80 currency in 11 languages through five different configurations of screen video wall.

Onela develops network for independent network of digital signage solutions and end-to-end devices. Net-Top-Box is a multimedia and multi-zonal solution capable of touch interactivity. With a browser-based user interface, the system is completely multilingual and capable of displaying both stored media such as live media, as for example, RSS feeds, web pages or streaming TV video or at the local level.

Nick Gale, founder of Réalisation, stated: "are very happy to have taken part in this project of high performance. Commercial key is to improve the participation of customers through analysis of the times of arrival and departure of flights and to ensure that correct currency supply is made in the timing in the appropriate language".

"Since the Maccorp Exact Change offices are spread all over the airport, it was also necessary to adapt the creative content for a wide range of display settings. "This has required more than 200 streams of content that have been created using the 3D and animation GGI", added Gale. "With the NTB Onelan we can support video walls 1 × 4 from a player that makes the network very intelligent and profitable."

Gale has also indicated that Maccorp Exact Change plans to expand this network of video wall to other airports and train stations.

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By • 19 Dec, 2011
• Section: Digital signage