Subsidiary of boat, boat LiveDots, will be in the next edition of Integrated Systems Europe with three new products that has joined his family LED: the CX-8 and C5 displays and digital urban Posters (DCP-0710 and DCP-0810).

Boat LiveDots It has expanded its LED range with three new products: an LED display inside of 5.5 mm with front black tone, a system of external 8 mm SMD LED display, and an outdoor LED Billboard-free one piece. The three innovations will be presented at the ISE 2012 exhibition in Amsterdam.

Carl Rijsbrack, director of marketing for boat LiveDots, has pointed out: "our range of LED products consists of three platforms that cover a broad spectrum of applications. The series X is our line of high quality products, providing unprecedented image quality; the T series is dedicated to the 24/7 operation for applications of brand and advertising where the total cost of ownership is the key; and C series is our offering of mid-range, which provides image quality boat in an attractive support for both events and permanent installations. "We are excited to launch a new product for each of these platforms – this will allow us to meet the needs of our customers even better".

The CX-8, which offers excellent contrast and image quality, is the first LED display outside of high resolution for the rental and staging industry. Thanks to its modular design and low weight, the CX-8 is easy to install and start up. It has auto-calibration and auto-redundancia to ensure trouble-free operation. In addition, its marine standard makes CX-8 very suitable for installations from cruise ships, as well as applications for events and retail sector.

The C5 is the latest addition to the series C. An LED display inside of 5.5 mm with black tone for rental facilities and fixed, the C5 front offers one 10% Premium resolution than other products of 6 mm on the market. Other technical highlights are the weight of less than 40 kg per m², the curve concave and convex integral, quiet operation, and most importantly, the interface of boat's net — - network, which allows integration complete with the DX processing unit -700.

The digital urban Posters are part of the T-series of boat and come in two variants: the DCP-0710, which has 6.8 square meters and a resolution of 300 × 216 pixels; and the DCP-0810, which has an area of 8 m² with a resolution of 320 × 240 pixels. Thanks to patented technology boat color signature, the DCP-0710 and DCP-0810 offer an excellent balance between brightness and contrast, which guarantees the exact reproduction of the colors of the brand at all times. The digital urban Posters provide images of powerful in combination with 24/7 reliability and a low cost of ownership. With less power consumption and a more lightweight than other similar products, they are a perfect fit for applications of advertising and brand image.

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By • 27 Jan, 2012
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