Philips and Ecophon have joined forces and know-how to develop an innovative ceiling integrated with LED lighting of Philips acoustic panel. Soundlight Comfort is designed to provide a unique solution of acoustic comfort, a high-end design and superior light quality.

Philips and manufacturer of noise-absorbent ceilings Ecophonthey have collaborated to create Soundlight Comfort, an innovative acoustic panel ceiling with LED lighting of Philips. Soundlight Comfort is the result of a collaboration between the two companies to create solutions focused on people that improve the welfare of employees in the workplace, at the time that meets the requirements of energy efficiency and the aesthetics of design of green buildings.

Studies show that good acoustic environments, people make more attempts to solve the most difficult tasks and increases its accuracy. The good quality of the white light has also been shown that improving the atmosphere and the productivity of the work space, helping the concentration.

Philips and Ecophon have worked together to create acoustic ceiling panels that incorporate LED lighting with the latest technology, which provides an integrated solution that absorbs sound in open-plan offices. Soundlight Comfort ceiling panel provides not only the office-compatible and energy-efficient lighting but it has also been designed to reduce clutter on the ceiling and presents a clean, minimalist appearance that adds to the decor inside the space.

Menno Kleingeld, Vice-President and director of the global segment of Philips Lighting, stated: "both Philips and Ecophon have people and their needs at the heart of their brands, and are therefore better suited to jointly create unique solutions people-centered. The partnership demonstrates our approach to unite with the main suppliers of building systems to provide innovation in office lighting that focuses on the comfort of employees."

Complementary companies

For his part, Peter Kamps, director of Global Marketing for Saint Gobain Ecophon Group, pointed out: "in the stage of development of this Association soon became clear that Philips and Ecophon are a good match. We have complementary skills; Philips Lighting and Ecophon acoustic and its effects on people. Ecophon always strives for the high value of the end user and in Philips we have a partner with whom we will be able to develop innovative solutions that give additional value and comfort to people in their work environments."

The Soundlight Comfort solution is specially designed for new buildings equipped with systems of construction enabled thermally (TABS), as the concrete core activation. These thermal management systems work through the "concrete core of the building (exposed ceilings), which retains the heat and cool the building, so it is more eco-friendly, since it saves on heating and cooling.

However, the exposed roof structure needed for this system causes an increase in the levels of noise and echo, which can become uncomfortable for employees, especially in open offices - causing disturbances, fatigue, and ultimately affecting to improve their well-being and productivity. The partially exposed ceilings also facing the additional challenge of integration of the lighting of offices in an aesthetic manner, while ensuring that the quality of the light meets the requirements of a working environment.

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By • 22 Feb, 2012
• Section: Audio, illumination