Smart Technologies collaboration solutions provider has presented the Interactive Display Overlay (overlay screen) to the Smart Board series 400, which incorporates the digital resources of interactive whiteboards to the screen flat making It is possible to visit presentations, reports and training materials, browse websites and control the computer applications.

Smart She developed the Interactive Display Overlay for the interactive Smart Board series 400 screen, which you can add virtually any screen LCD flat / plasma to make possible the interactivity of touch and ink. DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology integrates patented Smart, allowing effective touch control and a precise writing experience. DViT technology makes possible also multi-touch gestures common, such as the use of zoom and scrolling, currently recognized by the operating system Microsoft Windows 7.

The Interactive Display Overlay include Smart Meeting Pro software and cable with auto-start Smart GoWire for business or collaborative learning software Smart Notebook for customers in the education sector, thus allowing for a more effective in spaces for meetings and classroom collaboration. Offers a simplified installation and a new elegant design and replaces three existing products: the screen in overlay to display interactive Smart Board series 300, the framework for Smart Board interactive display and digital signature device Actalyst interactive.

With an optical touch system powered by USB with tempered glass 5 mm thick, it retains the general appearance of the screen and the quality of the displayed image. Fits most LCD flat panel displays and commercial plasma in 12 sizes ranging from 42 to 65 inches diagonally, and is compatible with only 19 manufacturers and more than 250 models. Include passive pencils without batteries and a shelf for the pencil whose installation and use is optional. For business users, it is an ideal solution for adding interactivity to flat screens in places of meetings, training rooms and areas of dissemination of information.

Dynamic interactive lessons

Smart GoWire cable connects it to a laptop and automatically starts the Smart Meeting Pro software. This software allows users to interact with applications, including writing in documents with digital ink, capture of annotations such as notes and diagrams, and save them in the same file. The Interactive Display Overlay along with the Smart Notebook software helps educators create and present dynamic interactive lessons that capture the attention of those who are educated. As part of the Smart solutions for businesses and education, the Interactive Display Overlay also integrates with other hardware and software of Smart products.

Linda Thomas, Vice President of Smart Technologies products, has pointed out that "the Interactive Display Overlay for the interactive display Smart Board 400 series is an ideal way for business, Government and education customers add interactivity" touch and ink to your screens. Simple installation, elegant design and virtual compatibility with any flat-screen made of Interactive Display Overlay for the interactive Smart Board 400 series display an efficient and effective way to improve collaboration in meeting spaces and classrooms."

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By • 27 Feb, 2012
• Section: Training