A cluster of private enterprises composed admires, Ficosa, Intel, JCDecaux and Telefónica launched SmartCities LAB, a significantly to develop projects for smart cities. The Smartquesina, a smart marquee, is the first project of the laboratory.

A composite group of private companies by Admire, Ficosa, Intel, JCDecaux Y Telefónica It has launched a laboratory to develop solutions to smartcities. From this marriage born as first project Smartquesina, the marquee intelligent and sustainable future. The functions that have the Smartquesina represent a clear improvement of the quality of the services of the transport network. Thanks to this new concept of station, the user may:

-Buy fare at the same stop and mobile (Touch & Go) - only approaching the mobile, you can buy bus tickets, the amount will be charged on the card while that ticket either can show it is the driver from the screen of your phone or s and you can print on the same marquee.

-Planning the route and information on one of the digital screens with mobile (Touch & Know) - this service allows planning the route and information by means of a touch screen and download information with only bring mobile to This screen.

-Download information and buy services that appear in the systems of information (Touch & Shop) - one of the screens of the marquee is designed to make purchases or transactions with maximum security and speed. Also displays nearby bus information, and will include a facial recognition system to optimize energy consumption and the message if no one is waiting for you.

-Contribute to the sustainability thanks to the existence of an energy self-sufficient stop equipped with the stations minieolicas and photovoltaic ficosa.

Isabel López, CEO of JCDexaux; Javier Pujol, CEO of Ficosa; Norberto Mateos, CEO of Intel; Carlos Silva, director of admires; and Francisco Salcedo, director of strategies and markets of Telefónica have sponsored the new marquee born SmartCities lab initiative that seeks to make best cities for its citizens through the use of new technologies and which has its headquarters in the district technological 22 @ Barcelona.

Carlos Silva, Coordinator of the project, explained that in the new marquee may buy tickets with your mobile phone, tickets to shows and even objects that are advertised. The only condition is to have a phone with a 4.0 operating system Android, common in many current models on the market, and that buses be incorporated a scanner system so that it can read the virtual ticket that is purchased via mobile phone. He has also explained that the idea is to export to all over the world these smart stops, and is planned to put five units in Barcelona and Cadiz to see how they respond in the coming months and the reception they have.

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By • 1 Mar, 2012
• Section: Digital signage