Harman JBL Professional Group company has launched his series PRX400 of speakers, passive mid range, which includes the PRX415M of 15 ", the PRX412M of 12", the PRX425 of dual 15 "and the sub-woofer PRX418 of 18" that a speaker used "JBL by Selenium" 1000W.

JBL He has presented the new series of cabinets PRX400 composed of 4 models that provide solutions in sound reinforcement, whatever needs to be covered. Consists of 3 enclosures full range and 1 enclosure for serious reinforcements.

With regard to the full-range enclosures, the series is formed by JBL PRX412M models (with 12 speaker and 1´5 engine "), JBL PRX 415M (with 15 '' speaker and 1´5 engine") and JBL PRX425 (which includes 2 speakers of 15 and engine also of 1´5″). With regard to the reinforcement of subwoofer, JBL presents JBL PRX418 model, with a 18 "high performance speaker.

The new JBL PRX415M, JBL PRX412M, given its construction and its coverage (90 x 50 °), format are ideal also as stage monitors. When they work as reinforcement, supported by the subwoofer, JBL PRX418, the system is capable of providing up to 135 dB (max SPL), with an incredible sound quality. The JBL PRX425 model, which has two speakers 15 "and also with 90 x 50 ° coverage, is ideal for compact equipment that required a serious blunt. It offers a yield of up to 134 dB (max SPL), with a program of 1200W power.

It should be noted that all full-range models incorporate protection of JBL SonicGuard, that system
automatically attenuates the signal coming into the path of high frequency to detect excess, restoring it to the
This disappear.

The new series, JBL PRX400, of aesthetic and identical to those of the self-powered series PRX600 finishes, uses high quality components that have been subjected to hard evidence of testing. With regard to their construction, is built in very tough wood, with a composition of birch / poplar of 18 mm. and it is covered by the popular and exclusive DuraFlex, JBL completion. The steel grid that furnishes its front is highly resistant, to support the hard work and to fully protect the site.

Also for a good installation

The JBL PRX400 include various mounting options, thanks to its 12 anchor points of metric 10, inserted in the own box to facilitate its suspension. Likewise, PRX412 and PRX415 enclosures include at its base a point of vessel invested with double angle (0 to - 10 °), for installation on tripod or mast extension to the subwoofer. For more comfort in transport, the series also incorporates fully ergonomic handles, made of nylon-fiberglass.

They are designed to work seamlessly with stages Crown XTI-2, (also belonging to the Harman Group brand), series since these incorporate specific presets that will maximize the system, either in full-range or format with reinforcement of the subwoofer JBL PRX418.

According to Richard Ruse, senior Sales Manager of JBL Professional, has pointed out: "since its introduction in the"
market, our PRX600 series has been well received in the market of systems of sound, now, with the presentation of the new PRX 400 series, we want to offer the same exceptional and highly reliable sound, in a passive format and at a great price on your category".

With the new JBL PRX 400, amplified with the Crown XTI2 (thanks especially to its internal DSP) stages, we can enjoy a whole system of professional sound that provides extremely high levels of quality and performance, a relationship quality/reliability superior and a competitive price.

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By • 30 Apr, 2012
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