QNAP Security, company dedicated to providing professional IP video surveillance solutions, announced the launch of the VioStor VS-8148U-RP Pro rackmount NVR 8 units, built-in high-speed CPU, large capacity, and the ability to add more QNAP VioStor NVRs to manage up to 128 IP cameras.

The new NVR (Network Video Recorder) VioStor QNAP VS-8148U-RP Pro is a high-quality network surveillance server with 2U chassis, Supports high-quality real-time video/audio monitoring, Megapixel recording (maximum 10 megapixels) and playback of multiple IP cameras. The VS-8148U-RP Pro 8 drives offer maximum physical storage of 24TB (using 3TB hard drives) with hot-swappable RAID technology for high data redundancy.

The VS-8148U-RP Pro is capable of recording in H.264 formats, MxPEG, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG from 48 IP cameras maximum. Linux-based standalone NVR can be easily configured in 6 steps through Internet Explorer without using additional software and even without PC, via local VGA HD display (High Definition).

With a powerful dual-core Intel Core i3 processor and 4 GB ddr3 memory, This enterprise-grade NVR delivers high performance with 360 Mbps for recording and playback of multiple megapixel cameras. Amily Fang, QNAP Security Product Manager, Reviewed: “The security surveillance market has experienced a strong trend of shift towards HD resolution applications. QNAP is well positioned to embrace this change.

Turnkey solution’

The large storage capacity and powerful hardware design of the VioStor VS-8148U-RP Pro NVR is a turnkey solution for users who need long-term recording and heavy megapixel recording. In addition, when installed with the largest 4TB hard drives on the market, the VioStor VS-8148U-RP Pro supports up to 32 TB of storage capacity, which makes it competent for continuous high-resolution video recording.

Professional users can rely on the reliable power supply of the VioStor VS-8148U-RP Pro for minimal time while in the event of a power module failure, Redundant power supply will take over immediately. Network connectivity 24/7 via two Gigabit LAN ports provides network connection failure and ensures stable connection.

Easy setup

The VioStor VS-8148U-RP Pro can be quickly configured to monitor network cameras and play video using a USB mouse, a keyboard (optional) and a monitor connected via the VGA interface. Linux-based VioStor VS-8148U-RP Pro enables quick and easy deployment of multiple NVRs. It's designed with the user in mind, offering simple and intuitive setup in six steps. Along with powerful performance and stability, This solution is tailor-made for the company's surveillance needs.

The VioStor VS-8148U-RP Pro offers a large storage capacity of up to 32 TB for video recording, making it flexible for company growth. It is a solution for the future, that fits very well in large projects. Capture high-definition videos with QNAP Security's robust and reliable storage.

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by • 8 May, 2012
• section: safety