The renowned audio company Shure Incorporated has a Spanish version of its website, with which it strengthens its presence in Spain and positions itself even closer to consumers by the hand of Earpro, to offer them quality service and content.

Earpro, official distributor in Spain of Shure, has presented the new web en español del fabricante de electrónica de audio profesional. Shure is thus committed to continue approaching the Spanish market, offering its own space where microphone users, wireless systems, headphones and audio equipment will find all the information they are looking for in their own language. The page, developed in close collaboration with Earpro, combines detailed product data with rich technical information, educational content and videos. All this with the vocation of offering, in addition to all the information about Shure and its audio products of the highest quality, also content that helps users get the most out of their audio equipment.

This new website is the ideal tool both to choose which product is the most suitable for our needs (Thank you, for example to your comparison tool or your microphone finder), as to know more in depth the applications of each type of products, since these are classified, in addition to by his family, also for its use. Special mention deserves the store locator , where you can find the physical points of sale through a geographic search engine and by type of product available in them. additionally, shure online points of sale in Spain also appear on the web, to be able to buy comfortably from home and with all the guarantees.

In addition to all this, on the web you can find the latest news and developments of Shure and the artists who collaborate with the brand (as Snow Patrol, Kasabian and Phoenix, among many others), technical documentation, information about the company, FAQs,... Navigation is designed to find all the information associated with a product or use in an easy and intuitive way; it only takes a few clicks to find the most suitable headphones for you, or all the information on how personal monitoring systems work, to cite a couple of examples.

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by • 7 Jun, 2012
• section: audio