On June 23 will see the light in the French city of Brest a sculpture designed by the catalan architect Enric Ruiz Geli who has been baptized with the name of 'arbre emphatique' tree shaped (empathetic), a project that blends nature with the audiovisual technology to interact with the environment.

'arbre emphatique' (tree empathetic) that was built in the city of Brest and it will open on Saturday, June 23, is a work of the catalan architect Enric Ruiz Geli and is part of a group of seven art works scattered along the route of the nu Evo tram in this French town.

It's an urban sculpture of stainless steel 12 metres high and 15 metres wide that integrates architecture, nature and people, as it is common in the works of Ruiz Geli. It is home to seven different types of plants (veronica, Arbutus, laurel, cheesewood, laurel died, filirea and osmanthus), selected to adapt to the climate of the French Bretagne. The selection of plants has been done so that together they represent a single species. Silvia Burés, of Buresinnova, has designed and built for Enric Ruiz Geli species distribution and the system of irrigation and fertilization of empathic tree.

Sensors, cameras and screens

More than three hundred meters of irrigation pipes bring water and food to the plants that grow in the metal branches of the tree. A sophisticated sensor system installed by the Catalan company Admire detect the moisture level in real time and adding necessary water to plants, controlling irrigation using a computer from Barcelona.

The signing of Barcelona digital signage software also installed circuit cameras in the branches of the tree to be able to observe the behavior of birds, because the structure is intended to host nests of birds that can be observed from the base. All this is shown on four screens located at the base of the tree, which also give information in real time on the status of the plants and the humidity of the substrate in which they are cultivated.

The tree also has other elements, such as Wi-Fi, and QR codes that facilitate that passers-by away to establish their own communication with intelligent tree, which is part of the lobby, Cloud 9, directed by Enric Ruiz Geli intending to of establish a collaboration in innovation, research and development specifically in the field of construction forms and complex volumes with new technical solutions.

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By • 21 Jun, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Projection