The network of Brazilian Fleury diagnostic medicine has chosen Dynamic 2 Arthur Holm monitors to equip the meeting room at its headquarters in São Paulo (Brazil).

Arthur HolmAlbiral Display Solutions mark, gifted with their Dynamic Monitor 2 to the meeting room of Fleury in the city of São Paulo. Fleury is a major company in the medical sector; It offers comprehensive solutions for diagnosis, prevention and cure, with more than 3,000 laboratories, 85 units of health care and 29 hospitals in Brazil.

The meeting room is equipped with monitors AH19D216A and a central projection screen, so all teams are hidden when not needed.

The chosen monitor has an 18.9" screen in widescreen format, rises and retracts through a motorized system and automatically tilts 20 degrees once it is in the working position. The furniture is constructed of solid aluminum with natural color anodized finish and the on-table plate on which the pushbuttons are located to control the movement is polished stainless steel. The up and down of the monitor is also controlled via external GPIs (contact closure) or via the AH net protocol (RS-422), via CAT 5 cable with "loop through" and addressable system.

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By • 27 Jun, 2012
• Section: AV Conferencing, Telepresence / Videoconferencing