Digital signage is a sector that is growing with constant new projects. Admires is a software company digital signage that is reaping excellent results in this "new" sector, providing an innovative solution of SaaS that encompasses concepts such as peer 2 peer, multi-platform, collaborative environment (Web 2.0), templates Intelligent generation of dynamic content and advanced management of advertising at the point of sale system. Juan Carlos Expósito Bueno, Chief Operations Officer and new director general of the signing from Barcelona, discusses in this interview the advantages that provide digital signage solutions and prospects for the future of this emerging industry.

When deploying a digital signage system, enterprises are mainly worried about the installation of screens and content or more and give more importance to the software?
From the beginning, Admire It has had continuous roadmap. We have a team of r & d that adapts and integrates our software to new technologies constantly emerging: integration with API social networking, connection with information systems for the future smart cities, management of shifts and queues integrated digital signage, optimizing the usability of our software, or new versions of the same for Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows 8. Much of this development has been sued by our customers, which, in addition to the contents, worry that their system is not obsolete.

Currently there is a trend to the increase in digital signage solutions using software as a service (SaaS). Benefits for companies is this service?
In the current economic climate, around the world, makes sense as a SaaS model. Those who hire a DS as a service solution, can enjoy this from the first day without worrying about an important economic outlay. In addition to agility and savings, clients benefit from constant updates a SaaS has to offer. Without increasing its share, every so often they can enjoy new opportunities of promotion on their screens.

What differential value reports to the company used it as a common tool regarding other communication tools?
The cloud has meant an incredible reduction of technological costs for the company. Now the SaaS puts within reach of SMEs technology which was accessible only to large corporations. Before it was considered a luxury having a DS channel internal communication, and now a start-up that will use it from day one: issuance of own content, monitoring the State of your business or social networks, or as internal news feed / external.

At a time in which tends to the convergence of media, focusing much of the information on carriage as smartphones or iPads, what role digital signage?
Opens us a range of possibilities to combine digital signage with the mobile platform. On the one hand, a tablet or smartphone has constant Internet connection, and also incorporates outputs even HD video. All these ingredients are the most important in a DS system, and are integrated into a single device which is also 24 hours with the final consumer. We will see many innovations in this area in the coming weeks.

They have recently introduced the Smartquesina, a new intelligent canopy developed by JCDecaux, Ficosa, Intel and Telefónica. How important is your enterprise innovation and new technologies? Do what relevance these aspects in the industry of digital signage?
Admires invests in r & d since the first day, and we pursue actively new applications to the technology we developed. We constantly observe innovations in the sector worldwide and participate in forums and conferences. In this dynamic sector, not evolve leaves software obsolete in a year. Our partnership with JCDecaux, Ficosa, Intel and Telefónica demonstrates the interest of large companies for participating in this market.

This Smartquesina includes the ability to measure the number of people waiting at the bus stop. Is the possibility of measuring audiences another of the strong points of digital signage software?
This ability of the Smartquesina will allow, for example, set the frequency of buses based on demand in real time. Advances in audience measurement has been tremendous in the last few months, and with examples such as this, it demonstrates the power of digital signage.

Also signed recently a strategic alliance with the manufacturer of digital signage solutions for AOpen to jointly develop digital signage projects. What will assume this agreement?
In our constant search for lowering the cost of the latest technology, while maintaining robust systems, AOpen fits perfectly. It allows us to offer our clients tailor-made projects which otherwise would not be viable.

Implement a culture of digital signage is still a pending task for our country's business fabric. Spanish companies are still reluctant to invest consistently in this sector. What is the situation of digital signage in Spain compared to other countries? Has the crisis slowed the development of this sector in Spain?
We are seeing a constant evolution of digital signage, which, undoubtedly, has been affected by the current economy. But this has not stopped companies on their investment for the sector, but it has led them to seek greater involvement of providers of DS or creative solutions to optimize existing resources.

How the segment of software of digital signage in Spain is currently structured and where the industry is heading?
The SmartTV added a new piece to the sector, incorporating its own DS software in the professional range. Domestic screens providing a connection to the Internet, and adding new Apps for TV markets, will welcome a new batch of developers who will bring fresh ideas to the sector.

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By • 11 Jul, 2012
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