The German sports brand Puma has opened its first store in Barcelona, in a privileged position, in Paseo de Gracia, integrated in the Bulevard Rosa, which has 250 square meters divided on two floors. Innovation and sustainable design and above all joy has resulted in a new concept of art that mixes fashion and sport with the latest technologies, creating a greater interaction with customers.

Barcelona has its first store of the brand of sports equipment Puma, belonging to the Group Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR). The new flagship of the German brand in Barcelona is located in Paseo de Gracia, in the Bulevard Rosa, in Passeig de Gràcia 53 Mall.

The new The Puma Store Barcelona, which boasts more than 250 square meters spread over two floors, is launching the interactive concept 'retail 2.0'. Through a TV with an integrated iPad store allows your customers purchase products online and decide if takes the purchase from the store or a shipping door to door.

Stefan Meyrat, director of Global Retail of Puma, has stated: "this store of Paseo de Gracia is a great example of the continued implementation of our format retail 2.0 that aims to strengthen our brand image and provide a shopping experience different and fun for our consumers. At the same time, the innovative design of sustainable store Puma supports their sustainability initiatives and establishes a desirable and sustainable environment in Barcelona, the heart of the Spanish market, which has always been very important for us."

New format retail 2.0

The General principles of design of the shop follow strategy retail 2.0 with a gender perspective and navigation product category where footwear is the most visible and the first thing that occurs. The shopping experience Puma is set in an atmosphere that conveys the joyful and witty spirit of the brand since the entry: a huge sculpture of the Puma Cat welcomes customers encouraging them to take pictures with him. At the entrance, a giant map of the city of Barcelona that covers the entire wall of the two plants has been installed. The installation adds an authentic local flavor to the store immediately reminding consumers in what city are buying.

A small and red Puma TV with an iPad allows buyers to purchase products from the website of Puma Europe, thus offering a wide range of product, size and alternative colors of items that can be found in the store. You can also choose between carry purchases from the store or do they send home.

Relaxed atmosphere

PUMA extends the fun and joy of the shop inside its testers - being the heart of any shopping experience where the consumer has the opportunity to reach out and have a personal contact with Puma products. With the Puma Peepshow, a red box that opens to show videos and offering a charming experience interactive e inviting the consumer to have greater commitment to the brand. The inner part of testers is covered by 'Caganers', typical Catalan Christmas figurines, reflecting another fun local element. The highlight is a 'Dylan' cat Puma Caganer, handmade.

Ales Kernjak, global director of the Concept Stores of Puma, said: "the new Barcelona Puma store reflects our passion and joy as a mark of Sportlifetyle in the world of Retail. Surprisingly, with elements of fun and unexpected, as in turn with sustainable features, which create a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience in our consumers".

In line with the mission to be the most sustainable Sportlifestyle company Puma, the new store incorporates several sustainable features. These innovations include a system of efficient lighting that reduce the consumption of energy (below 32 watts per square meter), paint and adhesives of low emission, as also a certificate of FSC wood, which guarantees that the products forest used in soil come from a responsible plantation and verified sources. In addition, specific indicators of sustainability developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute of physical construction, help meet the overall objectives of sustainability from Puma including more sustainability in retail environments.

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By • 28 Aug, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, dynamic Advertising