Samsung has launched a pilot test of its Smart School educational tool, a solution that aims to educational institutions to offer their students a method of interactive learning with the help of multimedia resources and applications Specialized. The idea of this app is that students can share content, send messages via a chat service, do group activities, and even teachers can take examinations and access the profile of each of their students.

Samsung It has announced a partnership with the schools in the city of Memphis (USA) to carry out a pilot project in the classrooms of the Smart School solution, a platform for intelligent learning fully integrated 1:1 that helps teachers to offer a interactive learning environment. This is the first deployment of the Smart School solution of the multinational South Korean, and will serve to demonstrate the potential of the platform of digital classroom that takes advantage of the latest technologies, including the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and screens of interactive whiteboards.

For the pilot, Samsung is offering the kinds of math sixth grade at Geeter Middle School of Memphis with a package for the Smart School of Samsung solution consisting of 35 units Galaxy Note 10.1, an interactive whiteboard's 65-inch and a printer Wireless. The Smart School solution offers teachers the ability to provide interactive lessons and group activities in real time via its display and content sharing capabilities. It also offers management tools of learning that allow students access to materials and information of the course, as well as notes and school forums, through their tablets.

Tod Pike, Vice President of Samsung's corporate business Division, said that "partnering with schools in Memphis in our solution Smart School pilot program represents an important part of our ongoing effort to provide the classroom of the future. This innovative solution frees educators of the limits of having to stand in front of a whiteboard or projector and allows them to move around the classroom, teach lessons and interactive activities through their tablets with touch screen or the computer portable. We are confident that the Memphis schools instructors checked that this solution is a powerful and effective platform to engage students, improving learning, and by promoting a genuine interactive classroom learning environment."

Moreover, Cleon Franklin, director of educational technology for the Memphis City School District, has pointed out: "in Memphis schools, our students come first and we strive to provide a complete education and all the necessary elements to thrive, both at school and in their adult lives in the future. The Samsung's Smart School solution is the perfect opportunity to nurture the development of our students through interactive technology, which helps teachers to track individual progress, also allowing dynamic lesson plans".

3 integrated systems

Samsung's Smart School solution offers three integrated systems that allow teachers to create interactive and engaging virtual learning environment:

• Interactive management solution - for use during classes, solution enables teachers to easily provide content to students, share with the class their own display or a student, and monitor the student's progress in real time. Teachers can group activities, questions and answers, testing or instant polls, and then draw the attention of the students immediately by locking their screens through voice commands.

• Learning management system - helps teachers provide course materials, including e-books, learning applications and schedules, as well as providing notes and school forums for extracurricular activities, to which the students can access at any time.

• Student information system - management tool that enables teachers to keep track of the attendance of students, general information, history of the degree and awards or demerit points.

New Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung's Smart School solution works in conjunction with the Galaxy Note 10.1, the tablet device with Android recently launched that incorporates advanced technology S-Pen, which allows students and teachers to communicate more easily and fast . The S-Pen provides the functionality and accuracy of a pencil and paper on the screen of 10.1-inch tablet, offering new opportunities for digital learning. Students access the solution via Wi-Fi with a single log-in, while the teachers to teach to the class with a display of interactive whiteboard, projector or a TV controlled wirelessly by a tablet or a laptop PC.

The solution already has been implemented in schools in Korea of the South, demonstrating improvements in the comfort of the class, the participation of students and the understanding of the lesson.

Kenneth Pinkney, Geeter Middle School director, said: "finding new and relevant ways to involve students is very important to achieve a learning environment where students improve. I am very excited by harnessing the potential of the Smart School of Samsung solution to create a true interactive learning environment."

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By • 1 Oct, 2012
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